Help before set up Please

I have a 2.3x2.3x63" tent mars hydro 1000 watt led. I plan on using gaia green living soil with 30% worm castings and 30% perlite amended with gaia green bloom 2-8-4 and all purpose 4-4-4 with Myco +. Should I add any blood and bone meal. I want to go organic as possible. The only nut I will use is TPS Signal Terpene support 0-0-3.1 during flower on one plant just to see what happens. I am also interested in using molasses.

Hello @TryingAutos, there’s a few organic growers on here @Budbrother should be able to help you out. Good luck with the organics and if you need to attract anybody’s attention just stick @ in front of their user name and they will drop by for a chat. @patchman is doing his fair share of experimenting these days as well. I’ve tagged both so they will pop by when they can

Welcome. Sounds like you’ve put some thought into your setup. If it were me, I’d use the bone meal over the blood meal. Blood meal can attract unwanted bugs. Kelp meal is good and does more for your plant than blood meal. I got some of my knowledge on build a soil’s website. Garragin here on ILGM has a lot of knowledge and recipes for soil. There is a lot of info out there for sure. I have a journal going so feel free to stop by. Its called “growing again, or at least trying.” If you want to see something impressive look at aficionados corner with hoppie frog and friends. Hoppie is a very talented organic grower. Budbrother is also very well versed in organic. Sylents is another. Once you start reading you’ll find the “org” bunch. Good luck on your grow. You gonna add any compost to you mix or just do top dressings? Holler if you need anything. Peace…

I was going to top dress with the all purpose and bloom and worm castings going for around a month into grow. It’s my first time so I’m looking to follow the plants for signs of what they need besides water I do not fertilize my actual garden at all or use any amendments cheap top soil and compost blend works for the tomatoes and garlic. My smoke I want organic but permagrin couch lock with that expand your lungs funk. First grow covering my bases. I can already tell I will need to use distilled water in the humidifier out the tap is to hard. As long as I can harvest fun run I’ll be happy the rest is a seventy day learning experience. @garragin any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!

@patchman thanks for pointing out the soil blend. Looking into the kelp and doing more research. This will be my first run we have a lupus/diabetic that the smoke helps more than all the meds besides the insulin. Trying to grow all organic and harvest great tasting buds!!

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