First time going organic. Advice needed

I plan on starting up a 2nd tent. Will be growing autos in foxfarm happy frog soil, 5 gal buckets. Trying organic. Plan on top dressing according to directions (every 3 weeks). First 3 weeks no nutes, just whats in the soil.

So far I have these in my arsenal -

Gaia green general / power bloom, worm castings, Recharge Mycorrhizae Instant Compost Tea.

Is there anything missing that I should consider buying? Or will this cover everything nutrient wise?

Additional information that might be useful.

Indoor, grow tent - 3ftx3ftx6ft?

300w led grow light

Using dechlorinated tap water - 7.1ph / 155ppm straight from the tap.

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There actually is a lot that goes into a proper cannabis-friendly soil. There are some organic growers on here that build a self-sustaining soil. Might search for ‘soil recipes’.

I think you’re well prepared! I use GG as well. I add in their rock dust blend when I top dress.


Thank you! Added their Glacial Rock Dust to the shopping cart!


Seems like you have it pretty much together! Happy growing!


That should do it. I always mix a little bone meal and blood meal in my soil, and I’ll also use a little bio thrive bloom during flower.


You should be golden. My soil is a few years old. Topdress and recharge. Worms i added 2 years ago still thrive. 1 thing you will notice is a bit smaller. If an issue a bit slower. But issues with healthy soil are actually pretty rare. I think you will like the style.

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