Heading into week four of flowering!

What’s up everyone. I’m going into my fourth week into flowering on a 10/14L/D schedule and the plant is thriving at the moment. I still have no strong smell at the moment and it is more earthy and refreshingly scented than anything else and with the way it looks I’m a little stumped lol. She’s becoming very crystallized and has very prominent bud sights. She is being grown in FF soil with their trio


Looking good! Are you 4 weeks from light flip or actual flower? They look to be a couple weeks into actual flower.

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Nope I’m only about a little over a week since the light change. First few weeks they were on the 12/12

So you’re 3 weeks from 12/12. Should put you at about 2-2.5 weeks flower. Curious as to why you’re running 10 hours of light so early?

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I am curious about your light cycle 10/14 …please explain

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Sure! With running a 12/12 I was seeing the plant promote more vegetative growth than anything else. The stretch was almost unbearable with the amount of room I have available so I had to make a quick jump into LST. White hairs were coming in but more fan leaves and veg growth was being seen more than anything else. Since the transition stage of just taking those two hours away the buds have doubled in size, the white hair growth has done the same, many of the leaves have become very resinous some of which some other members have said they haven’t seen that early on before and the stretch slowed down completely. The pictures I am positing are over the course of 2 weeks