About to flower?

I’m about 6-7 weeks in .I’m starting to see white sprouts in the middle . Just want to know if I’m close to needing to move my light schedule to 12-12

That is new growth emerging. For me, deciding when to flip (change light schedule) is more dependent on size considerations. How big will it get and how much room do I have available? It is likely mature enough to flower.


@SkunkedinTx What are you growing auto or photos? I would guess auto if it’s throwing out pistols and your in an 18/6 or higher light schedule. And if it’s starting to flower on it’s own why reduce the time? You can stay where you are until completion but would save on energy costs at 12/12.

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Hey @Fieldofdreams you took the words outta my mouth.
@SkunkedinTx if you take your pics with flash on the pics will be in real color.

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Im now on track again due to listening to the great advice and stuff I read here.I changed to 12-12 last week and they are starting to flower now.My thing was I was looking for a “sign” to switch .Feeling good about my grow now .!

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