Week 7 of flower

Here is week 7 of my indoor grow almost finished the flower cycle keen to see how much I get out of the one plant


Looks to me they have a ways to go. Lots of white hairs.


About a week more, 2 max until finish. I’d say 2-2.5 ounces

I can almost guarantee this but from the photo and the week you claims they are in is most likely schedule wrong , but its so common i can recognized it immediately , but im pretty confident you started counting your flowrring schedule when the light flip changed from 18/6 to 12/12 ?
If you counted the first 21 days , you flowering schedule can be off by 3 weeks so you may be in only week 4 of bloom not week 7 which is more acuurate to the photo of the plant !
I seen many many growers , make that mistake and it xauses you to harvest to early and lose about 30% more bud weight and they stop feeding 3 weeks to soon as well . Timing is everything yo the rootzone !


I just counted it the way you have explained it and it still brings me to today being the start of week 7


Is this an auto ?

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7 weeks can be right i thought it was a photo !

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It doesn’t matter how many weeks you think it is, that plants at least a month out from being done.

Yeah it is a photo so it needs a few more weeks I’ll keep that in mind and keep feeding it

Less is best

[quote=“yoshi, post:4, topic:82926”]
first 21 days

I need some clarification. From flip to first pistils there is a transition period. Every photo I have grown the transition might be 10 days. Often a day or two less. What does your 21days represent?

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Nice fat girl.

Happy growing

@beardless the stronger your lighting the faster they will grow sir , but for most with one or two lights its an average from 10 - 20 days give or take .
21 days is not just an average i used cause after day 21 defoliation for swazzing you will know from the pre-flowering they have transitioned

@Danielsan22 i personally never count weeks. I only watch flower stage. 7 weeks…12 weeks whatever. I just watchem and when i feel comfy cut them.

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The flavor and potency of your cannabis plants are influenced by the harvest time. There are different ways to determine if your plants are ready to be cut down. Some are more accurate than others.

Harvesting your cannabis a bit early will give you a lighter taste and effect than letting your plants age a bit more. Harvesting your cannabis too late will result in a very potent taste and a narcotic effect.

So it’s up to your preference, and you will have to experiment with different times to see what works best for you.

Find out more about when to harvest cannabis here.