Almost at 7 weeks flower

Wish they would hurry up… These have seeds, hopefully they won’t be a total loss, anyway, just wanted to share a few pics


They are coming along quite nicely

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Thanks, I just wish I knew how much longer they had to go

How long have they been in flower? The pistils look very young to me but the bud itself looks like its getting fat! @Tech1


Friday starts week 7 of flower

from light switch or first sign of pistils?

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From light switch, I noticed pistil 2 weeks before 12/12 switch

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My newbie curiosity is piqued now. Do you have a pic of the pistils you noticed 2 weeks before you switched to 12/12?

a fully mature and healthy plant often shows preflowers in veg if given 18/6 16/8 or basically at least 6 dark hours a day it doesn’t mean it is flowering just means it will when you want. I like 16/8 because my plants flip to flower within days under 12/12 rather than taking weeks to transition but yes preflower in veg is a common thing


That’s good to know! I had no idea. I ran 24 hours for veg in my last grow… perhaps I will go 18/6 on this one…

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Growth is slightly slower but root systems tend to love it and temps are easier to control :wink:

So when this happens, will the days in flower be closer to the 12/12 switch, or would one still be looking for new flowers after the light switch to start their flower-time clock? I don’t know if how I phrased that question makes sense or not…

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The ladies I put in flower last weekend are already throwing bud clusters all over after about a week of 12/12 it reduces stretch and is more natural a transition plants outside lose light by minutes every couple of days mine go from 20/4 to 18/6 then 16/8 before 12/12 also easier to track weeks in flower since they start blooming faster


Would it hurt to drop a plant that is in 18/6 to 16/8 early in veg?

Schedule? Might answer my question…

Are you sure it didn’t hermie? Looks like a banana in the bud.

That would explain the seeds.

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Hi Butch, no, I’m not sure at all, very well may have herm’d, all I know at this point is that I have seeds. I was very careful to torch all males during veg at first sign. grow temps have stayed consistent at 77/day and 69/night. The only other thing that comes to mind is perhaps a light leak in the grow room. Main thing now is just trying to figure out aprox how much longer til harvest.

Im at 8 weeks. My trichs are starting to turn amber and pistals are turning. Mine is outside and no longer gets enough sun so I just stopped watering so it hopefully starts using up the sugar leaves and finishes.
I took top kola the other day.

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They also may grow faster

Another factor to the equation is the fact that this is bag seed… a lot of bag seed will herm at the drop of a hat because of less than desirable genetics. This grow was to learn basics. I have both blueberry and northern lights in veg right now, so once this has been harvested and is in jars, I will do a quick h2o wipe down of the flower tent and get ready for its next occupants