White pistols and still in veg cycle

i have my girls in veg state still but one is having white pistols. Does that mean I should switch her flower cycle?

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@hippy4life you could, if your happy with its size. The typical veg cycle is about 2 months. It really depends on the size of your grow space. These are called Preflowers, and happen right before flowering usually. Happy growing!


What kind of plant is she?

How old is she?

What light cycle are you on right now?

Can you post a pic, please?


white widow (not auto flower). 18/6 light cycle. germinated 9/20.

@hippy4life Could you post only one picture per post? The site has a “super” zoom, but it only works for one pic in a post.

ok sorry

I’m having the same problem but mine is White Queen in flower after 18hrs veg lighting 2 months
Now 3 weeks into 12/12 under a 144 Mars Hydroponics ver2 led and mine seems to be growing fals empty seed sacs and have one Sprout on the main stem at each node branch on main stem they open no pollen or flower and dry up ,I have no white wisps and have these sprouts on all my top stems one per new veg but they have not opened and I took a sample of these sprouts on the 2nd limbs and there nothing but hairs in the inside there is no flowers or anything yet and I’m worried it may be a reverse Hermie or something like this that will ruin the rest of my crop,can someone help me ,this thing is about 4ft tall and looks very healthy really short nodes 2inch thick stem over 2 ft wide its a monster Christmas tree.

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Do me a favor. Check your light timer to make sure it is set properly. if it is, please double check your order to be sure that you didn’t order Auto seeds.

Do you see any calyxes? I see the pistils but I don’t see any buds/ calyxes. My eyes aren’t very good though…

timer is right on time everyday. I am kinda anal about checking it haha order states white widow fem

@Matthew1280 welcome forum, please post a separate topic for your problem. A photo under natural lighting is always best to understand what is happening. Happy growing.

The same thing happens to my plants after a 6-8 week veg they start showing signs f pre flower. IMO and this is a opinion type of guess here.
But I’d say it’s the plants way of saying she is ready to switch to flower stage. I have noticed that if you wait to see those pre flowers and then switch the flip to flower the stretch is shortened quit a bit .

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hmm that puts me in a spot then because I have 5 plants and she is the only one in puberty haha

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I would just let her ride and see what happens. Go with the majority @hippy4life

I know the feeling I have 2 cotton candie fem only 2 weeks into veg about 3 ft away from that monster White Queen in the same grow tent I used a large dark curtains and small 3 ft fluorescent lights and separate timers , definitely takes time to get used to that mixed timers without stressing out one or the other ,I set the flowering 12/12 kicks on at 7am and the veg kick on at 7am 18 so they will be woken up at the same time to feed them and groom an care and have a timing schedule so i know when they will both awake during that ,so it’s get in and get out when both lights are on .

Ok from what I can see is its stretching out and reaching up limbs and leaves and praying for the sky lower your lights a bit and they will bulk up and give more yield and you will not have to steak them if you bulk em up you will get shorter nodes ,if you don’t mind me asking what kinda light system are you using its ok I have tried it all.

t5s but they are about 12 inches from the top now

T5’s you can keep about 4-5 inches away from plants…about the width of your hand away…I use T5’s for seedlings,clones and in early veg…move them closer and like @Matthew1280 said they will bulk up…

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@hippy4life if you don’t mind me asking what breed dog is that in your pic? reason I ask is looks similar to my Neapolitan mastiff…beautiful dog you have there😀