This is a White Widow autoflower at 33 days

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

This is a White Widow autoflower at 33 days. It’s a beauty but I’m concerned that it’s starting to flower too soon as pistols are becoming very evident.

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In my opinion, that is normal for autos. I’ve been growing them for a while and they grow quickly. The veg phase is pretty short for these plants and they’ll spend their remaining time maturing the buds - autoflowers should only take about 2 and a half months to develop fully and be ready for harvest. I think your plant is fine. Time to start thinking about giving flower nutes. Good luck!


Looks great buddy! I did some White Widow a couple years back. It was outdoor but was not an auto.

Great smoke! Just don’t over feed and you will know when to harvest because that WW will get frosty asf!

Good luck!


suggest 3.5 gallon bucket for max results. plant looks normal for auto and time factor.

i have some that are 3 weeks old and flowering too. i think thats what happens when you start midsummer

autos are on their own timetable apparently

I am finishing a LowRyder AF, they def grow wonky. If your are in pre-flower or flower, plan on 8-12 weeks til harvest. I started 5 WW on 7/12, 4/5 have sprouted.

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I know this post was from forever ago, but don’t worry about an autoflower showing pistols. I’ve had them start flowering when they were literally 7" tall but the whole thing grew into a monster with huge buds. its in their ruderail genetics to get as much as they can in the littlest amount of time. but if the climate/weather stays nice they don’t stop like a photoperiod. they keep trucking up height and out with nuggets :call_me_hand: