Flower, or Pre-flower?

Okay, so, first time grower
I came home this morning and !!
Can you guys help me determine If she is in flower or pre-flower?? Thanks!!

White widow autoflower;
20 days above soil; RH 50-53%, Temp 81°F, soil is plain FFOF, haven’t added any nutes. Light is HLG 300L Rspec.

Shes about 10"tall, 14" long and about 12"wide. Also, any other advice going forward would be fantastic! :slight_smile:


@Newt here’s an update!

She’s hiking her skirt up for ya, letting you know she’s a lady. Maybe a few days before actual preflower. Looks great!


That’s hot, lol I guess I should’ve mentioned she’s a feminized autoflower…lol but thank you! I thought it was a little too soon for preflower, but it seems like it’s my new light! Just installed the HLG 300L yesterday evening after having a blurple :confused: lol

@Borderryan22 has you covered. You’ll see the first actual starting flowers at the top of new growth, like this:


And a few days later:


That’s freaking awesome man! Any tips on what to do from here? Environment/LST/ light placement, etc…? Should I keep letting her grow up, or should I try to do some more tie downs to spread her out?? I have a scrog net ready, but not put in yet, any advice on that?

Oh my goku, is that the start of a bud?? I’ve never seen the cycles in person, I’m so nervous that I’ll miss something lol I almost missed these first few pistols, just wanted to check out how her cracked branch was and saw the tiny little things mixed in with new growths and thought. “Uhhhmmmmm”"


My advice to first time growers, is generally that you should spend the first grow learning how to grow cannabis. Get all of the basics down, and understand the grow cycle and what to expect. Once you get the basics down, then you can learn to train them. All of that said, read up on LST, and then decide on what you are comfortable doing. They can accept a lot of training, but starting training sort of requires a plan with an end goal. If you don’t have a goal, you could end up with something like this:


I noticed you haven’t added nutes, now is the time. If you’re going with FF nutes, be sure to add calmag with every watering in between feedings. As well as flush per the schedule. If you need one, here it is…

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Yes. Early budlet formation. Couple weeks later:


Zoinks, yeah I don’t want that lol I’ll just keep the tie downs in that I have, didn’t spread her too much just angled the main stem a little and one of her branches cause it was completely covered by all the other growths I had to, lol
Also @Borderryan22 when I tested my runoff ppm yesterday it was still above 1,000. I did buy the FF 3 pack… how do I add these, and when? I’m still trying to get my watering schedule down, especially with this new light! She’s just starting to recover from being almost overwatered… but i think that was because my blurple wasn’t letting her do what she was supposed to I think lol

@Borderryan22 Like, so do I mix the nutes with water or something or just put it in the soil? This part has me nervous, ngl

Assuming you’re in FFOF, I start nutrients after 4 weeks in the dirt. I follow the full schedule (not just the trio), and at full strength. All I don’t use is Flower Kiss and Rhize Up.
Slightly bigger pic that @Borderryan22 uploaded:

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And I also add CalMag between feedings. But that is sort of based on what is in your source water. I use dehumidifier water, so it basically has nothing in it.


@Newt yes, my 3 gallon is all FFOF, no mixture or anything just ffof. And if I just plan on using the 3, is that OK? Just on a budget currently. And I’ve heard calmag a million times, but have no idea what it is… or how to use it… also, my water is filtered water I get from my fridge :upside_down_face:

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CalMag is a Calcium and Magnesium Supplement. I use the FF brand, and I mix it 1 tsp per gallon of water. The fridge filter may not filter out much of either, is it city water or well water feeding the fridge? I have well water, and get lime scale, which means it has a lot of something in it, and it could be calcium, or something else. So until I pay for a water analysis, I’m using the dehumidifier water, which is similar to distilled or reverse osmosis water, and has nothing but water in it, so I can control exactly what I am feeding them…

And yes, the Trio should be sufficient to get you to harvest. All of the other stuff is enhancing.

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Best way to LST in my opinion

What is a good way to tell if I need calmag or not? And it is city water feeding the fridge… but I do get a little bit of white dust on my humidifier after a couple days

If she needs it, this will be you indication: