Autoflower veg (CBD white widow)

Hey guys just a little update on my white widow CBD auto from ilgm.

I will first start by saying that this plant was a little stunted due to the light hours because of the monsoon season. (Northern Az)
So I did get myself a Vipsrspectra XS1000 light, and she seems to be doing much much better, I have her on a 13-14 hours of light. Will be giving her more once I have a decent tent.
(I know autos should be ran at least 16 -18 hours. Popped out of soil on July 9th.
So she’s on her third week of life.
She’s working on her third node now.
My question is about these pistils.

1.Is this indication that flower has kicked on? Will my auto stop growing leaves and branches now that it’s showing pistils? Or this just an indication of sex in the plant?

The stock and stem actually got thicker since I been giving her more light, I believe the fan helps too.
I have also been starting LST by gently bounce bending the leaf stems and lightly touching the main stem. (Yes with clean hands always)
By the looks of the top, does that look like a new pair of leaves coming in or does it look like it’s starting it’s flower formation?
Id love to hear what you all have to say


She looks good.
Time to transplant in my opinion.
Just by looking at the plant structure I think your light is good for now.


I agree on repot. A nice 5gal cloth be great. As Norman said the spacing looks good. Lights on point.


Yep. She’s in her preflowering phase. She’ll be stretching up, growing at an accelerated pace, and is largely done vegging.

She will still grow leaves, her branches will stretch. She may grow another few nodes but honestly I doubt it. The leaves are her solar panels, so she’ll grow more new ones if she needs more energy.

She probably has 2-3 weeks of big growth before she focuses her energy onto bud structure entirely.

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