Harvesting in stages

Question about harvest ,indoor grow , diff strains, diff ages . Some buds/ tops ARE READY …( but) my room FILLED FULL there are many smaller buds under growth that are not ready yet. Can we/ U/ I just cut tops & ends of some limbs, LIKE in stages , let the light get in to immature stuff and let the smaller imuture stuff continue. Will this mess with quality? I prefer quality over quantity BUT HATE TO SEE WASTE.

No, you can do that. A lot of folks on here do that. Good luck to you

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its my favorite mode of harvesting, give them lots of fan action , they like it (no hurricane) see above Guides.

New guy here. Doing your harvest in stages, does that effect the flushing process or do the smaller lower buds just get flushed earlier?

do a slow harvest on only whats ready.
i do not feel qualified to answer your flushing question. let me know please.

I not really an expert so maybe wait for experts to respond ,but I DONT really flush like they mean it to be done , after 3rd week of flowering I JUST give plants plain water NO FOOD OR FERTILIZER, that way I can nip the big mature buds ( when ready ) and let the smaller underneath buds continue growing. My experience is with full hard flush the plant is drowning & die- ing. By just watering plant can continue growing.

Ok thx. Like your honesty.

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Makes sense. :+1:

Staged harvests are a good way to max the yield. Take the bigger most ripe buds. Let the smaller lower buds get bulked up.

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