Harvest time. Harvest top first?

Hey :wave: what’s good. I’m in to harvesting 2 plants that are 10 weeks in flower. I have a big difference on the maturity of buds on one of my plants. I was wondering. Can I harvest half of the plant and leave the other half to mature more. ?? Or would doing something major like that hurt the rest of the yield?? I’m in flush mode at the moment. The strain is sunset sherbet x sundae driver x nbk from jungleboys seeds the plant itself is a clone I took from the first indoor plants I ever flowered out. Used a viper spectra and got like 3 zips dried with 2 plants. All help is appreciated. No matter what I say. :joy::joy:. Love y’all peace.:v:


Looks good! A lot of people selective harvest with out any ill effects.


You can definitely harvest a portion of plant and let the rest continue. You said you have been flushing, that may hurt remaining yield a little if done long enough.

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Absolutely… done it myself couple.times

Will the plant not continue to Cannibalize itself by leaching nutrients from the leaves and rest of plant? With my buds not being matured the leafs are also still very green. I lead can hold and store tens of thousands of parts per million of nutrients, or so I have read on several books.

Sure. Personally I don’t feel there’s any issue with harvesting green plants. Maybe if the plants have been over fed or recipe wasn’t inline either where it should be. If you compare to just about every vegetable or green that you eat, you don’t let die before you eat them, right?

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Just finished watching the video and checking it out in the book by Jorge and it seems as though he washing all the powdery mildew off of his plants. I can’t help but think a good dry shake off during trim wouldn’t do the same thing. But then again who knows. I see he puts a fan directly on them as soon as he is done washing them off. I guess this is super necessary. Do you do this frequently on every harvest ???