Close to harvesting yet?

Trying to determine if we are getting close? I don’t think so but first time growing. Yes I know they are small working on lights again first grow. I get my jewelry loop tomorrow to look at trichromes

Second I just fed nutes yesterday do I start flushing with just water if it is ready? Tips and tricks to harvest so I know even if they aren’t ready yet lol


We all gotta start somewhere,did not have forums or seed suppliers when I grew my first one.
My first plant was a male and about twelve inches tall…I loved that plant :grinning:
I did not know any better until someone told me…

You have a while to go yet.


How long has it been in flower?
It looks like its just getting started to me, lots if white hairs left.
And flushing at the end is over-rated bro science, no actual benefits to it really. Nothing in nature stops nutrients at the end of life or fruiting.
All the “makes smoother smoke and removes nutrients from the buds” is not supported by science, quite the opposite actually.

Any time theres been a blind taste test, the unflushed bud always wins so it kinda looks like feeding till the end like nature does is whats best, or the flushed bud would win.

All we have is anecdotal evidence saying flushed bud is better, but test following blind methods proves differently ever time its been done.


I agree 100% It doesn’t matter. Then theres that other debate. Do you harvest after dark/lights out, or during the day/lights on or does it really matter.
No you are nowhere near ready to harvest.

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This is week 5 and that’s what I thought but I second guess myself on everything due to learning so much along the way lol. Learned so much in excited for the next grow but I have 4 going right now 2 weeks apart and they are allot to handle lol. Better lights and soil before next round.

Round 2 are almost bigger than round 1 here’s hoping they grow big! :crossed_fingers: I’m still proud they made it this far though lol


Week 5 is about halfway depending on strain and genetics.

His pistols are amber but textures still clear… Cut out wait on trichomes

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Wait on trichomes :+1: