Ready to harvest? Thoughts?

Hi all!

First time grower looking for some advice. From everything I’ve read, watched, and have been told, I think she may be just about there? This past Friday, (which is her normal feed day) I did a flush and gave just water, no food. Wondering if I flushed too early? Or maybe just in time? Should I water again this week or feed? Also, any advice on harvesting as this will be my first encounter?


Up to you, jewelers loop or good camera phone to inspect and…

Hard to tell by your photo but as the chart shows the best way to know is by the Trichomes. Nice grow congratulations


Crazy, both these popped up within minutes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here are my flowers! Idk if I should start flushing now or what. The pistils are amber but the trichomes still appear milky. I don’t wanna wait too long and degrade the potency. Any opinions ???

The jury is still out on whether flushing makes a difference


In the first pic I still see some white pistils, week or more at least. At least that’s what it looks like to me. Getting close though. :slightly_smiling_face: