Harvested, green?

When does the green smell go away? First cut smelled like cat urine but started drying and now just smells really green. Buds are dry to the touch but wet and sticky throughout. Possibly dried too fast as the weather here is super hot and humid…peak of the day heat is 80 degrees inside with the AC full blast!

How are drying, in a tent or in the open. Do you know what your humidity levels are in the area you are drying in.

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Hanging in my bathroom in the open mostly dark exhaust fan on stays between 70-78 degrees humidity around 50%

Sounds like you should be good. Ideally you would want to be cooler and humidity a little higher. When you mentioned urine smell, I’ve seen people describe that smell when they were getting mold. When your temperatures get that high your buds will start to get crispy outside and stay moist inside.


The plant had the cat pee smell the whole time in flower. That’s exactly what has happened the buds are crispy and dry outside. I cut all the buds off the stems and placed in a cardboard box in the room. Hopefully this will extract out the excess moisture?

That smell is gone…just smells green. I know thats not a typical descriptive word for smell but just smells like a live green plant.

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@Bulldognuts the buds are a lot more dry. Sticky crumbly but still has the same “living green” smell. Will it go away or should I just chalk it up as rookie mistake?

If the middle of the bud still has some moisture then that green smell is the chlorophyll gassing off. I know when I dry it has the same green smell. Once I have jarred them they start getting the smell from the terpenes.

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