How to cure my marijuana


I harvested my plants and they’re looking great. After I’ve clipped the fan leaves, I hang the plants upside down and wait for the buds to be dry to the touch. The stem is also dry, but it won’t snap when bent. The room I use is warm and has proper ventilation. It also has dim light and high humidity. It takes about 5 days to dry. After that, I trim the bud and place it in plastic bags for about a day. The moisture returns and I dry it completely after that. I know the buds are great, but they end up smelling like grass clippings after all this. Am I doing something wrong?


Hey greenfarm01 let’s get you some great smelling and tasting buds. I think with a couple of changes you will be on the right track. Take a plant and cut off the colas and then trim the big fan leaves like you have been doing. Next, complete the trimming of the buds. That means trim off all of the smaller leaves down to the final trimmed bud. If you dry first it makes it very difficult to trim the smaller leaves later. Save all of the trim to make hash with later. If you have long colas go ahead and hang them to dry. hanging them is only for convenience. You can also trim the buds off of the branches and lay them something that can breath like nylon screen. I use these nylon screen shoe racks that I took from my wife. Each one has three shelves. Try to keep the buds to one layer for good circulation. The main thing is that air can circulate. The room should have proper ventilation and should be dark and kept cool if possible and low humidity. Your warm room with dim light and high humidity is a good setup for mold which you do not want. If the buds are spread out stir them twice a day. After three to four days maybe longer depending on humidity the buds will feel dry to the touch, (stems most likely will not break at this time and that’s OK) cut any buds off of the stems that are hanging, combine with buds that are laying out and transfer to paper sacks or cardboard boxes. At this stage it is ok to have buds laying on top of each other. Just don’t get crazy, like filling a sack up. The buds at this time will have a smell like you described, like hay. This is because the core still contains some moisture. Keep them out of direct light, have a fan blowing on them and stir twice a day until they are dry enough to smoke. This usually take a few more days. Again depends on humidity. At this point the buds are dried, smokeable and smell a little better, but they are not cured. To get the full potential of the smell and taste put them in your containers (air tight) and burp the container twice a day for a week. If you open a container after the first day and the buds are moist feeling put them back in the sack or box for another couple of days. You do not want any chance for mold. The next week burp containers once a day, Then every couple of days for another week. As you do this the smell gets better and better… It take a few weeks to complete this. Once cured store in air tight containers in a cool, dark, dry place and your smoke will sty great tasting, great smelling and last a long time. I have been doing it this way for many years and other growers are always asking me how I get the smell and taste. It also helps to make sure that your plants are flushed good before you harvest.
Hope this helps.
The Dinosaurman