Harvest hay smell

Does weed after harvest during the dry smell like hay/grass. I’ve had a few harvest where my weed always smells good growing but once chopped and dry smells like hay. Online says it’s all the Chloro slowly releasing my buds never smell like traditional weed for a while I’ve also had 8 ounces stay hay smelly well after 2 months.

I herd most big time growers don’t even cure their buds theirs smell great right after the dry.

So what I’m really asking is it normal after chop that your buds smell like hay or should your weed smell like weed the entire cycle from seed to long term jar storage.

I’ve had some that never smelled good, but it sure did the trick…


So when you cut your branches does your bud smell like hay the first 2to 5 days or does your weed smell like weed the whole time

I’ve had it happen. Not lately. It wouldn’t worry me if it did…

So having buds smelling like hay after chop isn’t normal?

I’ve had it happen. I’ve read here where others have had it happen. It’s not desirable, but I also have some that smells like petroleum byproducts. Still good stuff.

A couple of weeks ago I lost a branch off an outdoor GDP. I hung her to dry and she smelled heavily of hay or cut grass.
One way to cut down on the smell is a slower drying process but unfortunately the woman keeps the humidity control set to “Death Valley” so it’s dry as hell in here.
Upon further study and reading I have discovered that most of the smell, if not all, will(should) go away once in the jars and the long slow cure begins. According to the literature some strains take as long as a couple of months to completely rid themselves of the smell.
It has to do with the interior moisture of the bud spreading through the entire bud as it cures.

I wonder if the smell possibility could be diminished if the plant was cut just before lights on when chlorophyll activity should be at it’s lowest and THC and terpene activity is at it’s highest?

Happy Curing Everyone!!


I had one plant smell like that last year but after 6 month cure was smooth just popped last jar last week it even better now.

Every keeps saying a slow dry… I get that but this is what I’m trying to figure out. Currently I’m on 18 hours drying my buds smell like hay so they haven’t even dried out yet so a long slow dry hasn’t even took place. During my grow my bud smelled like bud literally 18 hrs ago lol.

So a hay smell right after chop is not natural I guess can’t figure out what I did wrong temps were in the 70s airflow was good super frosty trichs before chop don’t know really.


I’ve since pulled the Boveda pack out - it was a stop gap until the mini-hygrometers arrived. Now I know the humidity and temp of the contents.

It happens commonly dude!
You just cut a ton of green, growing material that’s full of chlorophyll so basically concentrated lawn mowing.
Cure it right and the smell will go away probably.
18 hours isn’t that long!! :rofl:

Good Luck!!

BTW - looks like good weed! Congrats!

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I know 18hrs isn’t long that’s why I’m asking if hay smell is normal early on obviously if a month goes buy and it still smells like hay something’s off

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Hay or grass smell is common after the chop, during drying. It usually develops it’s good smell during the cure. I’ve been curing some Girl Scouts Cookies for a little over two weeks. I give it a whiff every few days and every time, it smells more and more like good weed.


She’ll still continue to ripen during the curing stage, Terps will become stronger as well. Well with the few I had smell like old dry hay. 60 days in the curing jar and bam, had a decent dankness to it.


Thanks man I feel better lol


Drying and curing is a pain, cuz it’s pretty much the make or break process. I wouldn’t worry about the smell until a few weeks after jarring it up. Keeping the environment right can make you wanna pull your hair out. Good thing I buzz my head.


The hay smell is very common, it goes away and gonna stanky up your pocket for sure

Mine smelled like hay for around 3-4 days then went full on weed in cure


I been rocking out the buzz cut for the last ten years lol

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Wormwood and Ryan you guys are my grow counselors the amount of stress you took away probably would of cost 2gs and a script of Xanax in the real :earth_americas:


Lol yeah, chill…it’s fine… the smell will come back provided you dry and cure properly

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