Drying cannabis

Should your drying weed smell like hay at any point?


Some weed has hay in its DNA, kidding. you need to cure it.


Sometimes it does. That usually goes away by the end of curing.

Remember to dry slowly. 60f/ 60rh is what I shoot for.

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On day 5, 50rh 60f, no crunchy outside buds yet. Just asking cause this morning they were good but now it’s got a hay smell

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If you dry slow, and cure slow, they hay smell will diminish. Some strains are naturally more odiferous.

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Awesome, thanks a lot. Was getting worried cause this is the first time its smelt this strong. First time growing this girl and dont want this to get messed up


My drying room smells like hay throughout the dry including the day I move them to cure. The smell doesn’t start to mellow and they finally start smelling good the very last few days of the cure.


Beautiful plant lots of Frost.


It smells like grass that was cut and left in a pile for 2 days? It’s normal. That’s the chlorophyll evaporating out of the plants.
If you haven’t already, read up on drying and curing. A proper dry and cure can improve the smell, taste, and the high you get.
Get some large Mason jars and a few hygrometers - if you haven’t already.
Best of luck to you!


Yes it did smell like that. Cropped out 4 times and this is the worst is the reason for concern, so I thought. Awesome feed back, thanks a lot.