Happy Frog Soil

I’m trying my best to not over water my plants but it seems like the soil I’m using (Happy Frog) dries out extemely fast over the course of a sunny day. any advice or insight will be helpful, I’m thinking of adding clay balls to the top of the soil to keep the soil cool and moist

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I use Ocean Forest but added clay balls and extra perlite to the soil and mixed it all together.

Also, do you have a moisture meter? I found the soil stayed pretty moist deeper in even though the top layer dried out a bit.


Vermiculite has a remarkable quality for water retention and transportation


Is your soil actually drying out, or is the surface of your soil drying out.

This is important to figure out, because you may think the soil is “dried out” when really the bottom of the pot soil is still wet from the previous watering. What kind of pots are you using?


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I tend to go more by weight of my pots and water when easy to lift. I used HF my first two grows.


@Matthew420 Moisture meter should be in by monday, thank you I didn’t even know they existed

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@ktreez420 I added the clay pellets after making this post and they have helped tremendously, but these are the pots I’ll be using for a few more weeks until they’re ready for transplant into 10 gallon fabric pots

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