Watering happy frog soil

Ok this is my question how fast should water drain in happy frog. When I water it seems it to take a while to soak in I wonder if I packed it to hard it still rather soft. 1 2cubic foot bag filled 2 3 gallon fabric. Pots and 1 5 gallon bucket with 2 inches left befor full and I still have some left. Thanks for helping

It can take a little while, specially if the top layer of the soil has become a bit crusty. You can break up the surface of the soil with a fork or moisture meter to help water get in easier. In the future you can add a 8/10 quart bag of perlite to 2 cu ft of Happy Frog to make the soil lighter and better draining.


I find Happy Frog to take awhile to drain through my 5 gal pots. I usually ended up mixing it half and half with pro-mix hp after awhile to get it to drain a little faster. I do usually end up stirring the top layer with a fork to break it up to so that the water soaks through faster as well because that tends to make it more even and less moldy as my set up is not the best for air flow all the time.

Ok I thought I packed the soil to tight but it’s just the nature of the beast thanks

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