Need a little help with my soil

Do you use Happy Frog potting soil straight or do you mix it with regular potting soil I guess what I’m asking is it too hot

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From what I have read, Happy Frog is not at all hot. I have heard reports that the Ocean Forest variety may be a bit too hot for seedlings, but you should be golden with HF.

Best of luck!


I use just Happy Frog from seed to finish and have ha great results.


I start with Happy Frog you’ll be happy with it…


Could use pro mix or root farms hydroponic soil it’s cheap too

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I agree with the others, happy frog pretty mild. If you did anything maybe cut it with a small amount of perlite.


Good stuff just bought 3 bags.The bag looks good on your grow room wall.

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Check out my journal. Started in RockWool but Solo Cups are 100% Happy Frog. Worked well for me.


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Did you ph your water

Always ph your water! Unless you have a active soil recipe (living soil) then you can run a range 6.0-7.0 only because the soil life buffers and helps to correct. With roots org or FF you will need a ph meter for water in/water out testing. It will be the most important part of your routine for a sucessful grow. Good luck OnE LoVe

@burger77 Absolutely, one of my first mistakes was not testing the ph of your water going in and then testing the run off.

Yes my RO water comes out of the tap around 6.3 pH. My well water (same system) tests at 8.2 so I don’t use it. I may eventually but will have to pH down it. Also, I think I may have figured out why my outside flowers and plants have never looked “happy”. I’ve been watering them with the 8.2 ish water and no one at the local nurseries has ever suggested testing it. Yes they get rain water too but probably more from me…