Happy frog/ light warrior auto pot

Ok so just got an auto pot system and don’t want to make the soil too rich but I want to give it enough so that the plants don’t die out before the roots reach the reservoir at the base.

So what I’ve done so far- set up auto pots in a 4x4 area. Ran the water lines from the external reservoir to the float valve system. Ran air lines to the air dome system that came also.
Covered to just over the domes with hydroton (clay pebbles)

What I want to do next - here’s where I could use your advice!

Mix a bag of fox farm happy frog with light warrior and a 10 lb bag of perlite to give it better aeration. Happy frog for minimum nutrients, light warrior to level it out a little and perlite to allow the roots to reach the bottom faster… ok so all opinions are welcome, as long as they don’t go against any of my plans :rofl: jk


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