Grand Daddy Purple Germination

I bought 10 seeds and put 5 of them in water per websites instructions. Out of the five three of them have cracked open and showing white but no tails. The other two have done nothing. Do they need the tail or are my seeds no good? They have been in water for 4 days. According the the germination guide they say 24-48 hours. What do I do with my other 5 seeds?

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I’m in week 6 of flower with my GDP. After they cracked I put them in paper towels and moistened them with water. They were sealed in a plastic bag, then placed in a dark cupboard for a few days. Once I had tails on them I planted. As far as the other 5 seeds go. I’d wait a little longer on the two that did not crack. If they don’t crack then depending on how much room you have either try another two or try the remaining five. Good luck!

Welcome to the community!:+1: give them a few more days and if nothing happens contact customer service. They are know for making things right and they warranty their product. I have personally bought the exact strain from here and so far everyone of them have germinated.

Ok thanks I’ll give it a little more time and see what happens

Hello everybody just an update on my seeds, they never did anything so i got ahold of the support team and they sent me replacement seeds that arrived today. So I’m gonna try it again