Help With Grandaddy Purple Germination?

Newbie here, having difficulty germinating Grandaddy Purple Feminized seeds. I chose them because they were recommended for beginners. I’ve made 2 attempts using 4 seeds each time. Followed directions, soaked them in a glass with water placed inside a dark cabinet. It took them 4-5 days or longer to sprout a tail. I then planted them in a light organic seed starting mix. Put them under a fluorescent grow light in a warm place and misted them with a plant sprayer. They did not sprout after a week to ten days. I picked out a couple seeds and there were no roots. When I squeezed two of the seeds they popped open and a thick white liquid oozed out. Should I have waited longer? I have germinated vegetable and flower seeds for the garden for many years with good luck. Wish I knew what I was doing wrong. Thanks for any advice!

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This method works for me:

using distilled water, 1/4 cup in a Solo cup. Add a few drops of 3% peroxide. Drop seeds in and place in a warm, dim location. Every 24 hours, add a few more drops of peroxide. Once seed shows a tail I go into straight coco.

A red Solo cup with a dozen holes melted into it works great and a clear Solo cup makes a great dome. Media should be damp. I wet it then squeeze all the moisture out before putting into the cup. I usually put mine under the light at this point on a 24/0 schedule. Mist the inside of the clear Solo cup once or twice a day.

If media was wet it likely could have attacked sprouts and they drowned. You just want everything damp. Once sprouted the seedling gets all of it’s moisture from the air as there are no roots formed.


I am going to try your method as soon as I get some Solo cups. I already have the distilled water and 3 % peroxide. Once the plants are established I plan to grow them outside. I used to get clones from a friend and then grew them on outside and that always worked well. Thank you very much.

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Let me tag in @Growingforothers . They are growing some amazing GDPs.

Maybe they have some tips about the strain.

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My method is rather simple, I fill a short glass full of tap water and let them stay their till they sink. Once sunk I place them into the growing medium I am using at the time. If they germinate awesome, if they don’t, ILGM has a great policy if they don’t germinate.

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I’m growing gdp auto, and tried the glass of water method for the first seed and it got a little tail but when I put into soil it died. After reading up on it I found seeds need more oxygen and little moisture, the glass of water method suffocated the seed. My next try I damped two paper towels, put one on the bottom of a 3in x 6in Tupperware container, put the seed in the middle, laid the other moist towel on top, closed the lid and wrapped the Tupperware with a towel to keep in dark and then put it on top of my espresso machine which is warm. Put the Tupperware on anything warm. In 24 hours it had a 1/2in tail. Here she’s is today 1 month later

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