Growing Grand Daddy Purple (fem)

All 20 seeds germinated. I used the paper towel method and all seeds quickly opened within 24-36 hours, however I am at a loss with getting them to come up. I placed all seeds with their tail down in cocohair 1/4 inch deep and have kept them watered and moist in a temperature of 75-85 degrees. It’s been a week now and nothing. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be welcomed.

The strain I’m attempting to grow is Granddaddy Purple, feminized, I’m using a medium of Cocopearl that contains perlite and mycorrhizae on half the seeds and I’m using FoxFarms Happy Frog potting soil on the other seeds. Ph run off is 6.3, I don’t have a number for the EC strength, lighting is outdoor, plants get defused sunlight. Outside temps range from 85 degrees in the day to 75 degrees at night. Ventilation is from outside air and winds. Hope this is helpful is diagnosing my issue.

I had the same thing happen 3 times! I got a blackberry to pop put it in a rapid rooter in rock wool and gave it a tiny bit of coverage. The other 3 plants at the same time came up. Waited ten days and did it again. The little guy way stuck and yellow. So I just moved it aside and placed the other. Waited ten days and finally stuck a stardawg with a LONG tail in there. 48 hours go by and it comes up. But now I’m 20 days behind the others. I wasn’t too worried about it. Then when it started to flower it turned out to be a green pheno blackberry.
Patience and when they come up tag me in your journal. Thinking about mothering a ken’s GDP and running it for a while.

I have noticed to just keep the coco damp as it can get a bit heavy when wet for a seedling to break thru. Maybe carefully try and uncover one with a toothpick and see what’s up.


This is why I don’t like sprouting any way other than straight in medium in Solos Cup. Too many human variables when handling such delicate (and expensive) seeds. If it has been a week, you probably drowned them. A humidity dome and a spritz of water every few days have my sprouted within 5 days.

Best of luck,

Do what @Jbum said and take a look see myself I use only fine potting soil.