Gorilla Glue Autos flowering? Help!?

I am curious to see how long everyones gorilla glue took to start flowering?

I’m on week 4 or 5 I believe on these autos and they have not started flowering :confused: I germinated and planted into soil on May 17th. I still have not seen any little white hairs appearing on any of the plants. I am a rookie and I thought by week 4 they should show signs of flowering. Any guidance or knowledge is much appreciated

You never know with an auto mine went like 7 weeks before they started

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Really? Wow! I thought for sure they would start like 3-4 weeks in? I’m glad they didn’t because they were so small then but I don’t want them to start flowering and then I feed them to many nutes and mess up the flowering

Theres no set time. Whenever it feels its ready. Ur job is to have no set backs cause ull end up having it flower too small. I had a autoflower become 4ft tall amd didnt even think they got like that

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They claim a 10 week harvest but that’s extremely rare.


@appleyardjr267 wow very interesting! I mean I’m fine with them getting bigger before they flower, that’s no problem at all. I think these are still small plants for being 4-5 weeks old. Maybe they can fatten up a little more before they flower, that would be sweet.

@SKORPION o ok I thought i was doing something wrong or they might not be autos.

Just do lst and expose covered growth to light and you’ll have even more bud sites that can get fat too. And u cant go by seeds description of when theyre ready for harvest. Thats just a estimate and under perfect conditions

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@appleyardjr267 ok I just tried that what do you think?

That can work. As u grow branches tie them down to give light to branches below it and it will evem the canopy out where bud sites are about gettin equal or close light

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@appleyardjr267 should I rotate the ties to the opposite side? To get the other sides?

like this

then starts lookin like this

@appleyardjr267 Oooo ok so the new growth just tie that down to the side

this is now. It makes the bud sites even

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Yes basically

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Once u get more branches you basically wanna open up the center and keep getting light to new braches being covered and u eventually even them out and get more fat buds instead of few main ones. U can even do it in flower. Just becareful not to break a sturdier stem but even if u do just tape it and itll heal. Ull see tape in the center of mine.

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@appleyardjr267 the tape doesn’t come off the fabric pots after watering?

I use duct tape. Cant vouch for any other tape. Or get a thin enough wire to poke through if u have fabric pots. Ive had no issues with duct tape plus have it stick up a little where u can fold it ober to the inside

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kinda like this is folded over. This was a week or so ago

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