Gorilla Glue 3 Weeks Old

Hi, 2nd grow and they are growing very quickly. Kind soil and coco loco, no nutes, In 5 gallon rootkiller pots. These plants only sprouted 3 weeks ago and the gorilla glue is on the bottom right and wondering how I can have flowering so quickly? The other 3 are one White Widow and two sour diesel, does gorilla glue just grow faster or different? Thanks!IMG_0194


Not sure, but 3 weeks seems pretty early. Theses are 25 days old.

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You never know with autos. Some will flower at 3 weeks, most around 5 weeks, but others might take months before flowering. Only a few breeders actually have a good estimate of time it will take. Most you never know till they grow.

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Looking good

A seed to full grown plant is in its own genetic path. My GSC was on a 13 or 14 hour light and the rest in darkness. She was a fem seed that took 3 months to Veg. She is the reason I joined a marijuana growers forum. I just chopped her 7 days ago.

It’s not that un common, don’t sweat it if your doing a good job with water PH/temp/RH etc.
I had signs of flowering just over 3 weeks in as well for 2 of my lemon potions that I’m currently growing.
This is a reason why autos have to be given the best care in order to not limit their potential.
These. Are my cbd lemon potions at 3 1/2 weeks.

A week later this is what they look like

Much faster than I expected but on the other hand I flipped 2 photos and I’m well past a week with no signs of sex yet… Genetics are all different and that makes the plants act differently.

@Nicky, Wow, yours really filled in during that week. I am putting water through a carbon filter then bringing down the PH naturally with citric acid to 6.3-7, thank you

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Carbon filter is a good idea, I plummed an inline one into my cold on my kitchen sink for 100$ and only took some thread tape and a pair of channel locks.
Not only does it remove chlorine and drop ppm’s but we drink it and it tastes just as good as bottled water.