Gorilla glue auto gone wild

Hey guys yous know ive been having trouble with my gorilla glue auto not flowering .well its going nutz its flowering like crazy and now its taking over my tent if i didnt have two other plants in there with it it would take up the whole 2×2×160 tent


So how many weeks did it take before it started flowering? I’ve got one going now that’s day 24. I’m considering topping, but afraid it’s to close to starting to flower.

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9weeks from seed

Do fimming instead you get more tops from fimming and it doesnt stress the plant out to much that gorilla glue auto has been fimmed twice or three times and see how many tops there is

I’ve never done that before, but I gave it a shot. Does this look right?


Yah thats right u done a good job

Looks like it needs a good Defoleation.

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Wow, the last two hours it went to crap. The whole plant droopy like it was under watered, but it wasn’t. Hope it looks better tomorrow.

Yah im going to defoliate the plant today it needs a big one done


Ur plant will be ok my one went like that aswell

Sorry to chime in but watch ph pretty close with that gg. All the gg I have grown seem more sensitive. They react fast to hard fluctuations. Just what i have experienced.

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Ok thanks Storm i will watch out ive never done a GGA before thanks again for the heads up

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I just done a defoliation on my gorilla glue i dont have pics of before and after but tomorrow morning i will get a pic of the gorilla glue plus i done some lst aswell

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Hey is some pics before defoliation and after

This a before pic

This is after pic


Hey guys here is a new pic of the gorilla glue auto

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Im following along to see how she rides out. Mine finally quit stretching :rofl: I thought I was going to have to cut the bottom of my tent out :joy::joy::joy:

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Yah mone is stretching at the moment and she is starting to get abit big she is starting to shade my other two plants

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Same thing happened to my smaller plant. The right side started to get yellow leafs due to not getting enough light.
So i just cut the branches that wasnt getting enough off so it would focus the energy elsewhere. Not a fan of doing that but its better than getting a bunch of undeveloped buds imo.

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See i did have them in a bigger tent a 3×3×180 but i had to move them into the smaller tent cause there was no room for the bigger one in its new location


Consider that your gg will get very heavy buds. Very heavy if waitem out. I typically had to stake up all the mains almost every time. This is a pic of a clone we grew at friends. No lst. No nothing really. He just did what i asked in the living soil which was nothing really but water. We will start his second plant soon as my runtz clones are ready. Poor guy panicked every ugly leaf. Was wondering why I was like…meh close the tent and go watch tv…lol. it is pure fire.