Gorilla Glue Auto flowers week 3 of flowering LOOK OK guys?

[Week 3 Gorilla Glue Auto Flowers](https://)image image image image image


That looks really good to me…but im just starting my first grow as well so idk what im talkin about yet lol …and also with gg autos…how long did it grow altogether up till that point? I only ask cuz someone said they had autos that took longer than their reg seeds (up to 15 weeks)

TENATIVELY it took about 5-6 weeks before it began flower…

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Nice…so about 8 weeks total to where your pics show… sweet. Cant wait till they start looking like that!!

They look like they have quite a ways to go am i correct? How long do you plan on letting em flower? I know they say 10 weeks till harvest as well as gotta “read your plants” …but just curious cuz someone said they’ve had autos that took longer than reg photos :man_shrugging:

ilgm also says they yeild 5-6 oz each yet everyone here says more like 2ish…im personally hoping for somewhere in the middle 3-4 from each one lol

Here’s my GG auto , Getting close

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Nice! Man i can’t wait till that point !

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Still have a lot to learn about that point of the grow but i cant wait

This is my first grow ,my plan is 4 1/2 feet tall

Thats about the rough figure i was going to shoot for as well in my mind…idk how far up they will grow because i am attempting the scrog method this first grow. Some say its pointless with autos because they dont grow long enough to train and whatnot but i guess i will learn one way or the other.

its supposed to increase the yield thats why i tried it

Looks like slot of stretch and I would defoliate those big fan leaves