Gorilla Glue Auto Flowering

I am 7 weeks in my plants and very thin and only about 18 inches tall and they are already starting to flower…What am I doing wrong???

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@jr127 welcome to the community. Auto’s do there own thing can you post some Pic’s in natural light

Its an Auto for one. Two…your lights.

I will when I figure out how to :frowning: No wonder Im having trouble !!

They are outside

@jr127 Well its all Autos then. They do what they want, when they want. No control over them at all. Its why I hate them. :+1:

Welcome to the community.

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Thanks…good to know for the future.

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But if you grow autoflowers outdoors you can get 2-3 grows in each summer.

Yeah, that’s not too bad for an auto. Mine is 36 days into flowering and only about 23" tall.

Really??? How…

will they continue to grow in height?

Generally they’ll stretch by about half their height at the start of flower. Sometimes they double. What’s your light schedule?

Since they do what they want, when they want, you just need to stagger grows. I received seeds April 1st and started them indoors but moved them outside by early May, bringing them indoors on frosty nights. They were done by end of June.
Started second batch May 22, they will be done beginning of August.
Started third batch July 1st, they should be by end of September.

Started photo period seeds on April 1st too. Those plants 6 feet tall by 6 feet wide. They will be done late October if nothing bad happens to them. I’m glad I have something to smoke in the meantime.

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Wow…didn’t know these plants were so tempermental…I don’t think I can start a new planting as I’m in MA and don’t know if I have enough time left as I grow outside…Guess I should go for different plants next year…Thanks for your comments…I’m new at this (obviously)…

Grow outside

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Despite some differing opinions it is possible to build a decent indoor grow space for 1 or 2 plants without spending a lot of money. Especially if you’re growing autos (no need for a separate flowering tent or complete dark) and aren’t worried about the smell. You can set up your own grow space using cheap reflective solar board or build an insulated outside grow box and use lights that generate some heat to protect your girls from to cold.

dont have the space…but thanks for all info…will buy different seeds next year…