Going to flower with Masterblend, how to mix?

Hydroponic fill and drain, at eight weeks, super silver haze, have been using standard masterblend formula

Recommendations on how to mix Masterblend for the flowering cycle on the web are all over the place. Everything from using the standard mixture to diluting the standard mixture to eliminating the calcium nitrate completely.

Is there any consensus here on how to mix the Masterblend 3 part system for the flowering cycle?


Hey @Dr-Atomic I saw this on Reddit about Masterblend.

And this off the web


Do you know what final npk ratios for any of these look like? Running this up to 1800ppm seems really high.

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After a lot of searching I found the first feed schedule on another forum. The grower who put the schedule together is soil2coco. I actually downloaded a PDF of the regimen. He says he usually runs the formulas at 650-750 ppm. The notes on the PDF say 700 ppm for early flower.

Unless the second one has EC and ppm mixed up or is trying to use them interchangeably (says EC-ppm???) then I have the same concern as @dbrn32 . I’m never feeding anything close to 1800 ppm. If it’s actually EC then that one would work too. Very little info on Masterblend online unless you’re growing tomatoes.