Hydroponic 2500 PPM

Hydroponic growers…what PPM do you shoot for during flower.

Currently im pushing around 2500ppm week 3 in flower and have absolutely no signs of stress. It was accidental due the fact ive been using a tds pen that was 500/1 and didnt realize it. I was pretty shocked when i see ive been pushing her almost 1k higher than i thought.


I’m not a hydro grower, but some plants are just hungry. 90% of my grows have been on standard doses of Jack’s. The plant I am growing now is requiring Jack’s standard dose + 75%, and that’s just to keep my runoff PPM at 1,000 each feeding.


Ppm depends on the scale as you have found out there is a 500 scale and a 700 scale most commonly for ppm but both are just multiplications of the base reading E.C.

I run rdwc hydro my nute mix is around 2.5 EC and I will let it get up to 3.0 EC before I start adding just water to bring it back down.

If the plant looks happy just keep going, looking good!

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In another couple of weeks you could start diluting down to around 1,200 ppm as plant’s demand for nutes goes way down. The time to push 'em is right at transition when they’re hungriest.

If you keep the high salt concentration you may start to see issues then.

Sounds like you’re dialed in with good air, lights, and chiller.

Pretty plant!


Im running Fox Farm trio and supplements which are based on the 700 scale and the pen i had was a cheap 20$ 500 scale (assumed it was 700). Got an AperaTDS20 and seems ive been pushing her at around 2500ppm.