Nutrient ppm or chart

Growing cannabis Hydroponic.
Using innovative plant products 3 part nutrient.
Using the chart, 2 table spoons of each in 14 litres water.
PPM 680.
Transitioning to flower. Humidity 48%,
PH 5.8
My question, to the best of my knowledge and from what I’ve read
Nutrient should be 800-900 ppm veg, 1000 1100 ppm flower.
Using chart seems like Im under fertilizing.
Should I go by ppm meter or your chart.

          Thank you

       Not a novice grower

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I maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000 throughout the grow regardless of what nute line I use or what the recommendations of a feed chart is.


I am not familiar with the nutrients in question. I pulled up the feed chart. I was hoping it would, in addition to ppm, give the corresponding EC reading. Given the ppm recommended I suspect it uses the 500 scale. Is you pen also set to 500.

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Do you have a picture of the plant in natural light?

If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of hydro are you doing?

Also not familiar with those nutes but, IMO, if your plant is healthy looking, then I would keep on doing what you’re doing.

Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Without more info its hard to provide feedback because the answer is different for everyone. How much nutes the plant consumes is a function of your environment that has a pretty broad range.

The concept is to start low then observe your TDS and EC values and see what the plants do. I start at about half, using the Advanced line. Then observe, if PH rises and TDS goes down as the water goes down, food is becoming less concentrated in the water and the plant wants more food.if PH goes down and TDS rises, nutes are becoming more concentrated as water goes down, then the plant wants less food. The goal is TDS and PH value remain the same as water drops, thats equilibrium.

Equilibrium is hard to attain so i try to dial it in close, adjusting TDS with top up solution i mix at varying strength accordingly.

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Mixologist that I am, I go crazy, trying to follow instructions (go figure).
I agree, 1000 all the way (+/- 400, close enough). The real question is what do the ladies like.
6.5/1200/FEED + epson salt (min half teaspoon/gal), is my goal. Run-off and watering to be determined.
Painted nails, is my best visual indicator, for too much, and time to reduce (or flush?)
Merry Christmas to all

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Ill check not shure

The three part nutes,is pretty much identical to general hydroponics.
Im doing deep water culture.
Thanks for the input :pray:

HM digital scale 0 - 9990 ppm

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Which PPM/TDS scale should I use? It depends on which “scale” your nutrient company uses during manufacturing . For example, Botanicare utilizes the 700 PPM scale. All Bluelab meters/pens read EC, PPM 500 (TDS), or PPM 700, allowing you to match your meter to your nutrient scale.

Fox Farms uses 700
JR Peters (Jack’s) provides EC, 500 and 700 ppm info
Scale used by Innovative???

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