Need expert on bergman nutrients for question

So i have bergman best nutrients. Says flowering week 4 says ppm pf 950. My water is 150. Even if i added cal mag. Heavy feeding 2 teaspoons. Plus the gram fertilizer the ppm is like 750. 800. How do you make the ppm higher when. It says to use nothing else ?

If you want higher ppm you’d have to add more nutrients. Do your plants seem to be hungry?

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No. Not at all. Just wondering how to read the instructions. If i did no cal mag. Id have a ppm of 550. Its says 950. No where near that. Says use 1 teaspoon. Id need 2 and a half to reach the recommended ppm number. Jw how to read the instructions

I pulled up the feed chart. You’re reading it right. Have you shaken up the contents of the bag to make sure it’s mixed well? Deduct the water and you’re at 400 ppm when it says 950. That’s a huge discrepancy.

Yes exactly ! I dont get it. It shows same amount of product each week yet higher ppm amounts ! Not much in way of directions are to be found either. Anyway to tag @robert bergman lol

That’s one way to get answers. Lol. I haven’t gone far over 1200 EC growing indoor with autos. 950 ppm is close to 2000 EC. If your girls start looking like they need more nutes then just add a little more til you hit your target EC. Just looked at that feed chart again. Idk how the hell you’re supposed to have all these different ECs from the same input. Oh well.

Right. Thats what’s got me stumped. @MidwestGuy. I noticed your name says bergmans lab lol. Any idea on this subject ?

Best practice is to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000 regardless of the nutrient brand. Feed as necessary to maintain that target PPM. If runoff PPM is low, then feed more. If runoff PPM is high, then feed less.

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