Flowering and nutes consumption

Hey all. On my first grow and the info from this site has been AMAZING in keeping my grow strong…I sincerely appreciate the amount of useful info you all have. My girls are in their second week of flower (about 6 weeks total from popping) and they have been growing in FFOF in 5 gal fabric pots. At about week 4 I started a weekly slurry test and was shocked to see very low ppm remaining (<100) and I’ve been playing catch-up ever since. Yesterday I watered each plant about 1.5L of water w/ FF trio nutes at about 1700 ppm. Out of curiosity I did a slurry test today and discovered a ppm of about 250. Was thinking my ppm meter may be incorrect but my tap always measures about 300 ppm so I use that as the control to make sure my meter is correct. I don’t mind another full feeding but dang that’s a lot of nutes to give in 48 hours! Do these plant really consume that much in a single day?

I am only on my second grow and hopefully you will get some answers from more experience growers. I wouldn’t rush into anything at this point. 1700 ppm is a lot for your stage of flower. I grow in FFOF and have never had ppm numbers that low. First grow I was doing slurry tests at 1 part soil to 2 parts water and letting sit for 15 minutes. This year after more extensive reading have gone to 1 to 1 and letting sit overnight. Run thru paint strainer a couple times and coffee filter a couple times before taking a reading. I don’t trust ph and TDS meters very much. I use the cheap 7.99 ph meters and have 5. I check calibration every use and use 2 that must agree before I believe it. Have 2 TDS meters and calibration solution that I don’t use often as they seem to always agree but have solution in case they don’t and need to calibrate. This crop I fed Tiger Bloom on day 45 at 990 ppm, at 1200 ppm on day 52 and on day 62. I have 3 plants doing great and some problems on one. Hope you get more info soon.