Germination in water

Does ph matter

I’ve used tap water with a PH of 8.3 without issues
Now I use distilled water at a buck a gallon why chance any issues

Yes if nutes not phd right the roots wont uptake the foods right. Ph and lights are super important

Agreed but he’s just talking about soaking a seed

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Oh sorry. I just use a cap of peroxide in a shotglass. Rrest topped woth ro water soak for 12 to 24 hts dump cup and seed on a paper towle fold inhalf and put plastic wrap over the napkin put on a heating pad or mat and within a day or 2 i get half inch taps. All but tw fem photo seeds i had 3 of 7 crack all others i drop pop good

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Think I read to keep in dark, just drop in water 1 sank 2 didn’t, any worries?

A lot of growers swear on methods like soaking, paper towels, shot glasses, etc. I put my seeds in a solo cup with Happy Frog and rarely ever have a failure to germinate and grow properly.

I put in a cup and soak for 24 hours in distilled water in a cardboard box (dark), after that, I put them between 2 paper towels (wet with distilled water) for 12-24 hours. I place the two paper towels on a paper plate, throw it in a gallon zip loc but I don’t seal it. Between the 12-24 hours I check it at the 12 hour mark. Usually tap root is about 1/2" at that point. You can plant then or wait a the full 24hrs for a tap root of about an inch. I think warmth is key as well. Doesn’t need to be on a heating pad or anything but I think it has to be above 70 degrees personally. Hope this helps!

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