How much time to give my seeds?

I’m starting my first two GG4 autos and they aren’t showing signs of germinating. I followed the package directions; starting in water and keeping them dark and warm. After three days, they had popped their shells but no other developments, so I transferred to moist peat pots on a seed mat. After two days, nada.

I have a limited amount of space, so I don’t want to accidentally start new seeds and have these suddenly sprout. It has been five days, how long should I give them before pulling the plug?

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I would suggest wet paper towel after your 2 day soak… keep the paper towel moist and in an open zip lock… works well for me. :blush::+1:
Good luck and happy growing.
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If you havent had anything germinate within a week id start new seeds you can reach out to the sales support and they will either send new seeds your way or send ypu a discount on your next order the are great people and have awesome customer service as far as germinating goes id recommend soaking your seeds in water for 24hr after that place in a noist paper towel and inside a ziplock baggie dont seal up the baggie 100% tho leave a small section open for air exchange from here leave them in the bag in a darm warm place i use a heat mat and shoot for a 75f temp check back in 24hr after 48hr i almost always have a taproot at this point i personally wait till my taproot is about a half inch long then place in the grow medium over all i would NOT let seeds soak in water longer than 24hr to 48hr i personally only soad for 24hr and typically have a 100% success rate


Did you soak them in water for 3 days?

Soak for 18hr in 10ml with a few drops of peroxide. Then put in damp paper towel in a dark warm place for another 18hr. Then plant.

Thanks for the replies. I started two more in water. They sank but after two days they aren’t showing any signs. I will take them out and try the paper towel method.

Ive had good germinations using coco pellets to start em. I keep them under a humidity dome in a wooden box i built. I have a heating mat to keep a steady temp. I also keep a small florescent light about 6 in above. I haven’t done the water n peroxide method. Nothing against it. I just like to transplant em because i get to see the roots and I also apply the Great White root booster directly to them. I see a big jump in growth about a week after. Good luck with your girls. I hope they pop up soon.

Did you soak the first batch in water for 3 days, and then soak the 2nd batch in water for 2 days?

Yes I did. Only one in the first batch germinated but it doesn’t look good. The second batch I soaked for two days and put in peat pots. They’re doing fine, so I dunno.

You’re soaking the seeds for far too long.

Try a 10 minute dip in 3% H2O2, then dilute that with 9 parts water. Soak overnight (8 hours) if you must. Pour the water/H2O2 onto a paper towel, and wring that out so it’s damp but not wet. Fold it up with seeds inside and put it in a ziplock. I leave mine on an external hard disk for warmth. Check every 8 hours with clean hands. As soon as you see a taproot, plant them 1/2” below the surface of medium. Give them a germination pad and a humidity dome if you can. Keep the dome moist and the medium can go through moist-dry cycles.