Germinate/Seed Cover

What do you do to get the seed/cover off of the germinated plant? I’ve lost a handful of plants on accident trying to get these off.

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That is why I don’t do that at all. My success rate is almost flawless. Except I’ve killed a couple bean stalks while either rotating the bucket or my glasses will fall off my face and smash the poor little girl.

I had the same issue with autos. Never had this happen before. Some say mist, wait a bit mist again, do that several times and try to remove shell delicately. I have had better luck with a dome over top of them myself

What kind of dome? I’m open to all ideas.

I let nature do its thing.

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Do you have have any issues with that?

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Cut the top off of a clear water bottle and use the bottom half as a dome

What exactly does a dome do for it?

Keeps the humidity up inside the dome. The seedlings need the humidity and it could help to soften the seed shell, like misting it would do

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If I flipped a clear solo cup upside down would I need to cut hole in it to let it breath? Also, does the dome make it easier to pull the shell off or does it help the shell fall off?

I haven’t dealt with a shell myself so someone else will have to chime in on the best process. In theory though I would think it would help the plant rid the shell as it will soften up a bit.

And yeah, I’ve seen many use the clear solo cups. Don’t put holes in it, you want it to retain the moisture. Also, spray the inside of the clear cup a couple of times a day. That’s all the water your seedling needs.

I am assuming you are talking about the shell of the seed? The husk? I had this problem recently. I tried tweezers with no luck. Then I grabbed a pair of small needles and placed them very gently inside the split husk and pried apart. Worked perfect, popped the little husk right off.

I use fine pointed tweezers, push them together, insert inside opening, and allow the spring action to spread shell open.

I also use a toothpick to hold down the tap root in the soil.


Yep dome it, and you’ll be good.
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I’ve used toothpicks and tweezers to get them off. I adapt my method per case.