Best ways of getting my seeds to strong seedlings

I went ahead and purchased this humidity dome with the heater and a 45 W LED light had nothing but problems I’ve lost nine seeds already one has poked a Grown but very sensitive if I take the humidity cover off for 10 minutes the one little plant starts the flop over should I get rid of this humidity thing and just start in that red plastic cups like I used to I need the 45 W LED I’m so confused I invested in new technology thinking that it would help me germinate my seeds because I’ve already lost $200 worth of seeds the first go around I need help from anyone can help me get a strong enough seedling To move to its new home in my new Grow tent

Sorry to hear that. $200 is no small amount. I germinate in a moist paper towel on a saucer in a drawer and usually after 24-36 hrs I get a tail. I drop that into a starter plug until I see roots coming thru the plug and water 10 ml as needed then I go to red Solo cup. It usually at that point it stops growing up because the roots are growing down. Once it starts to grow up again I go to 5G and use an empty solo cup in the center of 5G and wet the soil. When it dries I remove the empty cup and cut the bottom off my seedling solo cup and set it down in the hole. I do not remove it from the cup for two reasons 1-I can just water around the solo cup to keep from over watering and 2- I don’t disturb the roots that have been established and risk stunting growth. I don’t use a dome because the high humidity makes the stalk more pliable and more apt to fall over

Kiss method for germination. Soak seed, seed sinks then into moist paper towel and darkness. When taproot shows plant root down about a knuckle deep. Once she cracks soil cover with a clear cup with holes and mist let her grow under there for a bit

Unless humidity is high enough in tent the domes are for seedlings to get water