Fungus or deficiency?

Help. Is this a fungus or nutrition deficiency? First flush last week. No more nutrients. Almost ready to harvest. Have three others but they’re fine. Yellow spots. Do I need to isolate or treat? Thanks everybody.

Are these photos current? I think you’re a lot more than a week from harvest, based on what I’m seeing.

It looks like necrotized tissue, and that could be from multiple causes. I’m noticing some concerning “white powder” on your leaves in the second photo.

How do new leaves look?

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Pictures are from today. White spots don’t rub off and could be from the light above (LED).

Do u give cal mag to ur plants

Not this plant.

I had the same rust colored spots and it was a calcium magnesium deficiency at least one of those due to the fact once I supplemented with Cal mag everything corrected itself I use Jorge Cervantes deficiency calendar to diagnose my plants but if you’re a week out from harvest there’s nothing you can do except protect your plants from mold and mildew by lowering the humidity other than that everything‘s been done since you flushed

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Looks like your still early into flower to be flushing, usually you flush last two weeks, plants should look nice and ripe at this stage, pistil hairs brown, buds nice and swollen. Leaves do look dark green, possibly a slight nute burn going on (burnt tips).

Brown spots could be calcium, white spots are also concerning, almost looks like pest damage, check underside of leaves, use some sort of magnification (jewellers loop) if needed.

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When did the leaf necrosis happen, in relation to your switch to “flushing?”

Check under leafs with eye loop, spots look like mite’s to me.