Frizzlife RO system

Hi all,

I’m looking at upgrading my RO system and wondering if anyone here is using the Frizzlife filter I found on Amazon. It seems like a big win over my 6 stage RO system, but I do wonder if the refrigerator line should have an storage tank in line to keep a more consistent volume to the appliance.

In the current cycle of filters/membrane I get somewhere around 6 gallon of reject water for every gallon of clean, using on average 8 gallons a day just for plants. Added a second storage tank to the system last year to make it easy to fill a couple gallons at a time and still have water ready for the ice machine that would in variably need water right when i was draining it. To my fridge I have a fairly long run about 15ft from the ro filter at the sink to the fridge that might help me.

I’ve the idea of quick to replace cartidges, and the cost isn’t huge compared to the regular system, unless your buying the cheapest RO membrane on the market which i have before and had bad results. Probably the only thing I don’t like about this is the name “Frizzlife”