Best Reverse Osmosis Watering Systems?

I’m struggling with bad well water recently. I’m wondering if anyone here has experience with some good reverse osmosis setups. Let me know your thoughts and experiences.


The RO buddy is a cheap amazon option that works wonders, just Remeber it takes like 2hr to fill a 5 gallon bucket with RO.

But everyone uses the RO buddy be in Canada or the USA


I think that why I’d rather go with one that has a 4 gallon holding tank since I need bare minimum 4 gallons of water every couple days.

I’m so flabbergasted that my well water is suddenly bad from iron or silver… ugh…

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You can add any size tank you want most are 2.5 or 3 gallons so your better off getting an RO buddy and then adding a 5 gallon holding tank or a 2.5 and just fill buckets twice a day or something

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Are you saying I’m better off getting the buddy and adding the tank rather than getting one already together? If so, why?

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I don’t really have time to wait hours filling buckets. My work schedule is hectic and the hour or so I spend with my girls each night is about all I can spare. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to spend all day/everyday and be paid to farm my girls.


Because the RO buddy is the cheapest on the market and it gives you the ability to order a tank you want to hook up to it.
You could go spend 3x the price for a system that has a 3g tank and a spout but your saving huge by getting an RO buddy and then getting a tank.
I just looked at these yesterday but I simply don’t have the room in my mobile house so I’ll wait till I upgrade in 5 years and just deal with my water

Most Ro systems have a low gpd output, I’ve found a holding tank a great investment to owning this type of system.

They have a spigot at the base giving you the ability to attach a hose and fill up your tanks closer to your systems. The 1/4” system has quick disconnect couplings to make it simple to run line from grow to the ro buddy


@VTGROW…this is what I use.

Plug and play and that’s a 105 gallon storage pot. R/O system on Amazon. Came with faucet and cut a chunk of hose to storage pot. Open the faucet and in 24 hrs you have 60 gallons. Drain spigot on bottom of storage pot.

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It does come with a 5 gallon pressure tank but I just open the faucet and let her run.


Love that big system! If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost? The five stage system in looking at with 5 gal tank is about $215

@VTGROW…the R/O system is the ispring 6 stage.$160 on Amazon. I see it’s currently unavailable. The storage tank you can find on Hydrobuilder dot com. Moderators please remove if I can’t share the info.


Looks like amazon has the flexi tank. How big a storage tank you looking at? Mine is 105 gallons.

Not sure the size I need but I use 20-30 gallons a week.

The R/O systems will typically do 5 gallons in a couple of hours. You wouldn’t need a large storage tank if that’s all your using.

Thanks for all the info @Grundo

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I use a hydrologic stealth ro300 and I fill 5 gallon buckets with lids. I then stack my buckets near my grow room so that my new water is a similar temperature to the water in my hydro buckets

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Can you leave the water like that sitting for a long time? If so, how long do you think is ok?

I change my water out every 10 days at the most and have never had a problem but don’t add nutrients until I change out reservoir

You can store your finished RO water for a long time just keep it covered to keep crap out of it.

I use an RO unit and depending on my needs will fill a 5 gallon bucket in about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.
I will use a brute 32 gallon trash can when I need larger amounts or wan to have some back up for later as it’s not only used for watering but for filling my humidifiers to maintain humidity levels.

In general (depending on temps of your incoming water…higher temps produce water faster than lower temps) so say you start the fill of the large trash can before work you’ll have 12 plus hours before having to worry about it overflowing. I just set a timer on my phone to remind me when to go shut it off. Then I’ll have 25 gallons or so and cover it and use when needed.
Much better than getting a “tank” with bladder etc.

I also have my trash can on the dolly that you can get as an option for it so I am able to roll it to where I need it.

Hope this help