Best RO home system

I cannot rely on local purchased RO water so I need a home unit. What is the group recommendation?

best ro system - Google Search, a little expensive but it works great a 3 stage filter.

It’s the one that’s 142.85

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The best RO units in the business are sold by The Filter Guys.

I’ve got the Ocean Wave 5 stage RO/DI unit. It produces medical grade water. It runs 160 bucks and comes with everything you need. I’ve had mine for years and all I’ve ever done is change the filters in it and it still works perfectly.


That’s a better deal thanks for sharing @TacoMac

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Did you have to purchase a water tank when buying this system?
I was looking into the RO systems, up but they confuse me so much because I’m used to just turning on the faucet and water comes out lol. But this RO system stores it in a tank that you have to have access to? Could you help me understand a little better @TacoMac I’d really appreciate it!

I hear that a RO water filter system is really the manic or secret weapon for some killer buds and also much more healthier for drinking and cooking . I’m really interested in investing in buying a RO water filtration system but I have no idea on how it works are operate , I guess I need to do some research and figure out how to hook up a RO system so I can benefit from one , but I used rain water for growing which has been very affective for me in growing instead of distilled or tap hard water .

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Yoshi, it’s very, very simple. I’ve had mine for years for aquarium use.

Reverse Osmosis purifies water by running it through a membrane under pressure. (Any water not pushed through runs out the exhaust side of the system.) It runs the water through however many filters yours system has. So in my case it runs through two filter canisters, then a third carbon canister, then the R/O Membrane, then the de-ionizer.

What I get is 99.99999% pure H20. Nothing else. No chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, nothing. It’s ALL gone.

Installing is simple. All I did was hang it on the wall in the basement and tap into the water line that runs to the outside hose spigot. It takes literally 5 minutes to set it up. You can put it under your sink, on a wall, pretty much anywhere.

There’s a simple compression fitting you attach to a water line. You can also use a splitter if you don’t want to tap the line. My system from Filter Guys came with both.

The drain is the main thing. RO water waste about 90% of the water that runs through it. Back when I first bought it, I had it upstairs under the sink. I’d just run the drain into the sink, set a pan on it to hold it there and that was it. I now have it plumbed into the drainage line downstairs on a permanent install along with my dehumidifier.

Then it’s a simple matter of twisting a knob to turn it on and off.

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No, you don’t, Ktreez. I use a 10 gallon Brute trash can for my water collection. Whatever you use, make sure it’s PET or PETE plastic (All Brute containers are) so that you have no risk of leeching chemicals into your water.

Any drinking container will work as well. You can use milk jugs, tea pitchers, whatever.

But the water doesn’t keep long. The instant you make it it will begin to absorb anything in the air, so if you don’t use it in 2 or 3 days, chunk it and make fresh.


DO NOT USE RAIN BARRELS. Most rain barrels are made of shit plastic that will leech all kinds of chemicals into the water. That’s why many of them will say “do not drink from this container”. They expect you to use water from it outdoors in your lawn or flower bed. You don’t want to be using those things at all.

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Yeah that’s my plan to have supply my home , salt water and fresh water aquarium , and drinking and cooking also Sir , but I’ll go to that link and check it out cause I really want to invest in one due to all what the government be using to purified city water with all the chemicals and metals , I read where Altazine is a chemical they used in most urban cities filtration systems and Altazine changed the gender of a frog from a male into a female ? Make sense why they trying to approve of gay marriage and transgender using public restrooms , cause they chemical is changing women into men and men into woman . Had a friend tell me he started using a RO system for his plants and man I was stoked on how explosive and healthy his grows turn out and I was like man what’s your secrets , he said its was his water more than anything cause he don’t used vegging nutrients , only bloom nutrients only and his harvest be massive yields of big buds . I’ve have great success with hard tap water using Ph up & down , but when I started using rain water my plants doubled in yields and I know they can do better from what I’ve seen his plants yield from Reverse Osmosis water system , plus it taste great and very clean drinking water . Now how big of a system they come in like gallon size ?

as to a tank you don’t have to .It depends on your need,s it does make storing easyer . the tanks are cheap. if i could do it again id have gotten a 25-30 gallon pressure tank instead of the 5 gallon . for me i use the little storage tank for my ro /sink faucet . and when iam gonna need more for my room i make it into 55 gallon drums . theni have enough to replenish all for awhile . in other words i let it run till iam done then it fills the holding tank for the house . but since iam inpatiant about waiting on water making i went over kill

iam running 4 pre filters total and 4-- 150 GPD membranes and one finishing filter and i run it on a booster pump to increase volume …HEY I SWEAR IT LOOKED LIKE A NAIL ,… Hammer


Note: Be VERY careful when using booster pumps. Membranes are designed for a specific flow rate and pressure. Exceeding that pressure can and will damage the membrane and make your RO effectively worthless.

The best bet is to find one rated for 55-75 psi. That’s the typical water pressure a house runs in the United States. The only time I’ve ever seen anybody have to run a booster is on well water where the pressure was only 48 psi.

Again, never EVER run more pressure than your membrane is rated for.

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Booster pump is used to maintain 65-70 psi , it came with the system …the membranes working pressure is 45- min to 85 psi MAX currently my ppm is only 5ppm . and i do monitor it every time i make RO for my girls …the reason i went with 4 membranes is that my water is 38 f and the membranes only produce at their stated out put is at 77f and for every degree below that you loose 3% also my water pressure is 45-65 psi … and one last thing the pump is controlled by a micro pressure switch . to turn it offat a given range …but as you mentioned excess pressure will cause the membranes to Fail Prematurely !!! Hammer

Mine are rated to 85 psi as this one is considered a high pressure system ,i was told by the seller … and my highest ppm on a TDS meter is 5 ppm… Hammer

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