Waterdrop G2 RO filter

So I needed to order new filters and a membrane for my RO system and started think about knocking out the back of the cabinet to put a couple more storage tanks in line to keep up with demand in the house. I use 8 gallons for my girls a day on average, fish tanks, critters and kids too, it all adds up. At night a line forms waiting for the RO to get back to pressure for a glass of water.

Then when looking for my cheap replacement filter set, I saw for a good bit more money I could have a filter doesn’t need to stop to catch back up. And it saves water, wasting only 1 gallon to make a gallon, where as the old system started at 5 gallons wasted with new filters, more as they aged. It does make a bit more noise than the old system, but it is not loud. I wouldn’t want to sleep next to it though.

So far its fairly good product. The install was a bit more than I was expecting as I was already plumbed but this unit used the opposite size fittings of my existing system, aside of waste. I used the fittings supplied in the box to fix the input to the filter issue. On initial install I had a leak, turns out I missed that the smallest o ring popped out where it connects to the supply.

Once the leak was addressed I turned the cold back on (well what passes for cold water this time of the year here), plugged in the machine and it started pumping water and doing its thing. Then I was to flush the system. Usually on my old RO this is an hour or two process to get the proper volume out. Here I can turn on the tap and the water just keeps flowing till it automatically shuts off thinking there is a leak There is a bypass for that too if you need more output according to the vendor.

The filter changes are going to be a breeze, might even be able to get someone else in the house to do it when it starts beeping at them.
This does feed the fridge and ice maker too which would suffer from a lack of water at times during the day, this seems like it will be able to keep up much better. I might have to add back a finishing filter as the water tastes a little too clean. Its working better than advertised on Amazon taking my 390ppm water down to 16ppm.

Filter cost is about the same for these packaged cartridges, when you count the difference in labor.

Lets see what I think in a week.


That’s awesome! Glad to hear you got it working the way you want. :+1:t2:

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