FNG First post First run Rough start

This is basically what I’m working with
The are NL feminized autos
I’m running a VIVOSUN 4x4 grow kit with all FF products
Please don’t eviscerate too much
I already spent the money this is what I have to work with and the budget doesn’t allow for anymore spending anytime soon
I don’t have an RO filter and can’t afford one right now so I’m using distilled water (because I have a still) PH 6.0-6.5
I don’t have a soil meter though
Just trying to do the best I can with what I have
FYI I’m open to any criticism hopefully it comes with advice
This has been a rough start
So far these are the only 3 beans out of 20 too make it
I’ve made a lot of mistakes
Just trying to learn from them
FYI this will be my one and only ever shot at autos


Seedling loss is most often due to overly wet soil. I see you are using a dome. In that case no watering of the soil is necessary until you remove the plants from the dome. The plants can get all of the water they need via the humidity in the dome. From that point make sure that you let the soil dry out between waterings and never water more than a plant can consume in 2 to 4 days.

Welcome to the forum.


Right yeah I killed the first round of seedlings with overwatering the second round of seedlings were going great they outgrew the dome and I transferred them to the tent and smothered them I had the tent sealed up airtight killed them all
These 3 I have going were as dead as dead gets I had tossed the pots out in a pile behind my garage and they made a comeback so I’m just letting them run

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Not sure why such the hate towards VIVOSUN tbh. I guess because it’s China made. If I had to guess I’d guess many of the other brand components are made in China and labeled through a US company brand name… just a hunch.

I know there are better quality products out there but I couldn’t justify spending $1500 for a setup to try something that I wasn’t sure I’d like or continue with longer term. I got my 4x4 smart system for $550 after their sale and discount code.

I also started with them for my first run which I am currently underway and haven’t had any problems with it whatsoever till this point. It was affordable and it’s working. The only thing I’d change so far is I would have gotten the 4x4 bar light for more uniform coverage. I have two of their Aerolight Wing 200w lights currently but I have the flexibility to keep one light lower for the shorter plants which I like. Can always just prop up the plants if you have a bar light.

There are a lot of hidden costs involved in this as I am finding out along the way, however. Between seedling tray and domes, lights, fans, humidifier, dehumidifier(s), nutrients, filters, PH & PPM meters, and soil… :worried:. Whew, it adds up quick.

The main change I’d make starting over would be to get a decent PH/PPM meter to start. Like many of us, we get the crappy yellow and blue meters with the kit which are junk and unreliable… so I had to buy better quality meters.

The other change is I’d start with the advanced nutrients ph perfect product line knowing what I know now.


Welcome aboard!!! Sorry to read about the drowned beans. We can love them too much. I started with autos also, and still grow them, but photos are a lot easier to work with for the most part. I keep an auto or two going just for the quick turnaround really.

All I recommend, when you can, grab some photos, make sure they’re a good, reputable breeder and genetics, and pop 2 of those babies, one under each light.

My first grow was all FF products also. Ocean Forest soil, liquid trio, dry flower boosters. The buds were incredibly sticky. But I highly recommend the Sledgehammer flush that’s in their feeding schedule.

Hope some of this helps! Good luck and happy growing!


I’m running the exact same kit
I’ve had a helluva time trying to control the environment
Doesn’t help that I’m in a garage

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I’ll have to check into that flush


Same here, I’m in my garage.

I’ve taped the window, I’ve covered the windows to block out all light, I’ve insulated the garage doors with the foam sheets, I’ve put towels down around the garage door floor and above the door. I have an A/C unit in there and 2 dehumidifiers… 95 degrees outside, the best I can do is hold around 48-55% RH and maxed int at about 82deg so far. I open my tent door during the day to help with airflow.


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I’m just about in Week 6 of flower. I’ve decided that after this grow is finished I’m not going to start another until the fall. It’s much easier for me to control the garage heat when it’s cold.

My biggest problem is the humidity. I’m in the northern most sub-tropic zone and humidity is horrid here many days .85-98%.

2 dehumidifiers running outs a lot of heat into the garage :unamused:

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First I had the drowning
Next I had the smothering
I was ready to tap out
These three are actually drowning victims that miraculously survived
They were laying flat and covered in mold when I tossed them out
I brought them back in for one last attempt to get the environment to a better place
It’s been a rough go but I’m learning a little bit from each mistake

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And, I’ve had the whole gamut thrown at me…

Heat, humidity, mites, and now foxtailing :joy:

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Take my advise, get yourself a few bottles of Growers Alley Crop Defender 3 and start preventative pest and fungus control now.

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I’ve been fighting the gnats since day one
Truly believe that they came with the soil
I’m sure these laying outside for a week didn’t help but I had them on the very first day

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I’ve used Mosquito Bits and suggested by members here. Has mostly taken care of them. Still a few here or there.

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More than likely. Yellow sticky traps for the ones that are mobile and flying. Mosquito Bits for the ones in the soil and eggs. You can sprinkle a handful on top and work it in just a little. This does kind of a prolonged treatment.

And for a quick kill, you can whip up a “tea”. Let your soil dry out a good bit (the gnats don’t like it dry). Put a handful of Mosquito Bits in room temp water and mix, then strain the chunks out. Do this once in replace of a normal watering. If there is total infestation, you may have to do it weekly.


Preventative spraying is so very important and its easy to forget if you don’t make it a priority. Growers Ally, PureCrop1,and Jacks Dead Bug in a rotation once a week will prevent most insect and mold problems before they get a chance to start. Ive also had good success in past organic grows using beneficial predatory insects. Again as a preventative at regular intervals. Nature Good Guys will gladly put you on a schedule to deliver throughout your grow. Marijuana is incredibly resilient as your trashed and recovered plants are already showing you. Give em what they need and you will be rewarded. Good Work, Keep It Up. Happy Growing :blush:

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