A seedling hanging on

Here is my lone survivor from my first stab @5 ww autos. This poor thing has been pulled from the tent in an effort to recover under a full spectrum lower power led. I have PAR @ about 280.
very little moisture in the soil now as the pot is fairly light. I’ll name her “hardly able”.
Hardly Able was awash with excess moisture until recently and this is where we’re at rt now…
Any suggestions?
She is in FF Light Warrior Seedling Mix receiving water ph corrected from 7.1 to 6.3-6.5 with a ppm typically around 336.
Her life is in your hands…If its left up to me,i may as well just get out the scissors and save all of us the trouble.

Can you post a picture?

I have tried apparently the file structure is a no go.

Looks like i have it figured out sorry.

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Seedlings require very little water, they rely mainly on humidity and absorb that through their leaves. I would place a clear dome (solo cup) for the 1st 7-10 days above ground. Temps and RH around 74-80 60-70% RH :love_you_gesture:


Exactly where I have the grow room maintaining 74.7* - 77.0*,seedling matt @ 76*. I can’t seem to get the humidity up beyond 40% w/o leaving a wet mop laying in the clone tent. The environment it is set up in is @ 27-30%. In an effort to provide the seedlings with a bit more humidity I have placed a sandwich bag over each which doesn’t do much for air circulation and it only takes about 5 off of my PPFD of around 265-270 under an x40 veg or 340-360 under a full spectrum white LED.

Is there a worm casting tea or fish crap stew I can mix up and try to help my unknowing victim recover or should I just jam it in a 1o gallon fabric pot and launch this puppy outside to either perish or prosper aú natural.

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Patients my friend it’s the hardest part happy growing

Go to your local grow store and spend $6-8 to buy yourself a 10x20 tray and cover. You can easily control the humidity of 1 or several plants at the same time by using the vents at top.

Seed starter is just that, a medium for starting seeds. You need a plan to replant within ten days from when your plant comes up. I layer seed starter on top of soil so I can get the benefits of the seed starter, but the soil feeds the plant until the roots are fully developed and ready for transplant.

In the above photo my plant is on top of a coco mat that keeps moisture in the enclosure for several days. I fill the bottom of the tray with water and the coco mat keeps the humidity up without soaking the bottom of the pot. I’m only home to monitor my plants 2 days a week and had to come up with a process to keep the seedling moist, but not swimming, for 5-7 days unattended.


She will live

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I sit here trying not to laugh,I had enough of those to start 216 seedlings. My daughter became a bit aggressive when she sewed her seeds for our garden. Bless her heart.
Alas, I am without.Lol.
truth be told Newbie here thought it would be a good idea to do medium peat pots with FF Lightning warrior seedling soil,plant the cotton round germinated seedlings(tail just peeking) and THEN WATER.

I now know better.
So this is “hardly able” lone woman standing and I’m thinking she needs a very dilute solution of fish poop ghoulash.
Please help if you have a better suggestion but she’s yellowing further and has not grown in about 4 days.

I would get a small pot or cup, not peat pot because it doesn’t desolve fast enough, and some potting soil. Carefully remove the seedling from the seed starter (it’s ok to take a little seed starter with the seedling) and transplant it into the soil.

You can use a plastic bag or clear cup for a dome to help it get established, but should take the dome off every day extending the hours without the dome as the plant grows. After a week to ten days the dome should no longer be needed.

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so is the idea here to get away from any nutes in the seedling soil?
This is a White widow auto.
I’m just trying to follow and learn so hopefully in future I won’t have to ask. And ty for your time.

You can mist the inside of the domes with water and the leaves :love_you_gesture:

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The idea here originally was to move this into a 5 or 7 gallon fabric pot loaded up with FF Ocean forest. Do you still recommend the transplant to an alternate potting soil in between now?
Or try to recover where it’s at rt now and then transplant or is it your logic to transplant while the struggle is already ongoing thus possibly avoiding another system shock later?

Will the misting of the leaves promote mold/bacteria or is it an effort to restart transpiration again?
Ty for your effort.
I’m trying to learn from those that know better and that requires not only getting an answer to my next move but also why it is the necessary measure at the time.
Sorry for the trouble.

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Putting into final pot is not recommended. You need this thing established first.

You can feed your plant in the seedling starter but seedlings are very fragile and you would be guessing on the right dose of nutrients. I think it’s just easier giving the roots access to what they need by letting them grow in soil.

Like I said earlier, it is easy to avoid the problem in the future by layering the light warrior on top of the ocean forest. I use a small pot and fill it about half way with soil.

Light warrior, as well as almost every other seed starter, is comprised of peat. Peat is hydrophobic, meaning that it repels water naturally. That makes it hard to overwater, but also makes getting the watering just right since you have to spray or sprinkle water regularly. Peat also lacks nutritional value, so once the first set of small leaves are consumed the seedling needs feeding.

Laying on top of soil makes it easier to control the moisture and feeding until ready for transplant. Win win in my book.

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Misting the leaves will help with creating humidity inside the dome for the leaves to absorb as food until the roots ah e become stronger and more established :love_you_gesture:

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