Gold leaf and AK47 auto day 12

Just ordered them last night and my payment got processed. My last order took 2 weeks to arrive so I got good expectations. In my last project I made some mistakes but they taught me a lot, so this time I’m getting more serious. I’ll be posting what my setup will be when I get my babies. I want to hear any thoughts yo may have!


Great,can’t wait for you to get them in some dirt.
And you definitely will do better this time around :sunglasses::+1::v:

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Thanks sir! I’m kind of investigating what soil and nutes to use since last time I didn’t put much effort on it lol

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I have had ridiculously incredible luck with all FF products and cloth pots. My first grow I just bought some LED’s and threw some potting soil into some plastic pots. Didn’t know I had to flush my plants, not feed every time, what soil and nutrients to use and watch closely for any sign of light or nutrient burn. I also started them out in 5 gal pots. THIS TIME I started them out in Lucky dog in 4 inch plastic. I started them and let them see how close they wanted to be to the light. If they were stretching, I moved them a little closer. If they were too short. I moved them back. I like giving my plants room to grow up towards the light. Not too close and not too far. It’s a fine line. I then transplanted them as they got bigger into Happy frog 8 inch pots to let the roots develop. Third and final transplant into FF Ocean forest soil and 7 gal cloth pots One plant per pot. ILGM and FF seem to really like each other! I also bought a dehumidifier, more fans and and air purifier. Keep the humidity down, the air pure. You have to watch for any signs of mold. Got the LED’s cheap on eBay. I run everything on full spectrum. Don’t use the VEG/BLOOM switches. Have both on through the entire grow. My seedlings love the full spectrum and I have heard, it is the best way to go. Now I am experimenting with lighting in the bloom room. Bought an LED with more reds for the bloom. My last and final problem is to get the lower buds to ripen with the top ones. FF soil and nutrients and ILGM seeds are the way to go.


I did what you did on your first grow project. Didn’t feed regularly and didn’t flush properly before harvest. But I always knew that my first grow was my experiment. This time I’ll be using FF soil and nutrients and I will seal better my tent, I use to leave the front zipper kind of open to have more ventilation, by that time I thought I was doing it right but it messed up my plants a little bit. Everything is for the sake of learning more

My seeds just got shipped this morning. I’m happy I didn’t have any issues with the credit card payment. So exited about my next project.

My babies just arrived, I’m not sure hoe many of them I should pop in a 2x4x7 tent under a 1200w led.

You might want to edit the picture so that it doesn’t show any of the packaging. The site doesn’t like it sometimes, but I’m just giving you a heads up! Get them germed and planted haha and make sure you tag me in your journal @Cocinero


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Thnx buddy fixed it


@ktreez420 @Donaldj you guys are totally right, I was so exited that I didn’t think about it, lol haha. But thank you for noticing and fixing it!

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Y put 3 beans on water last night and they all went down to the bottom this morning, I’ll be putting them in wet towels in the next hour :smile:

They went down to the bottom in around 12 hours,
That talks about their good quality. That rock you see in the cup is a tigers eye crystal, which I use for meditation. Just adding some good vibes to my ladies

The quality of this seeds is undeniable. 12 hour on water, less than 18 hours on paper towel and they already popped this morning. I have to go and buy some dirt for their temporal house. Didn’t have that ready because I was expecting them to be ready tomorrow.

Looking great @Cocinero

What kind of soil are you getting?

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Right now I’m gonna buy some seed starting mix and I will put them in some small disposable containers till I move them to 5 gal pots with fox farm. Any recommendations sir?

I was gonna do the same, but I decided to start mine in FF Happy Frog. So far so good. It’s only been a week on this grow but the kids are loving the Happy Frog.

Just be careful of the soil mixes as they can be difficult to get the ph right on. I dialed my water to 6.5 ph in the Happy Frog and no issues whatsoever.

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The moment I have been waiting for! I’ll be moving them to their final house next week when I get paid so I can buy FF soil.

I’m loving my seeds and I have really good expectations, they popped real quick so I guess they will rise pretty soon :smiley:

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Mine germinated in under 24 hours and sprouted in the next 36. Very happy with mine. @Cocinero

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Same thing here, they just finished germination this morning.