Gold leaf and AK47 auto day 12

Golden leaf is the fastest one so far. I had to take off the “seed helmet” by hand in one of the ak47 auto because the other two plants were “open” already so I wanted her to keep it up. They look healthy and have been growing between the “normal” timing.

So this morning I had one of this “mouth swab” drug test for my Home Depot (the growers paradise) job application. I haven’t smoked in 36 hours, also the testing device was expired, lol. I’m feeling lucky :smiley:

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Good luck! @Cocinero

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The babies fully sprouted and they look healthy. I’m leaving town for 3 nights, I’m going to Tennessee to do white water rafting, I hope they are bigger when I’m back

The more I travel around the USA the more I love this and respect this country. I’m on my way home and all I can say is I had a blast :smile:
Can’t way to see my ladies.

I got the home Depot job that I was waiting for and Im going crazy, I just see stuff that I can use for my garden everywhere, is a paradise lol. Yall think buying this fan so I can extract the heat from my tent will be a good idea?

just 14 bucks!!!

Lol I could never work in a hydro shop or hardware store would have my checks spent before I ever got 1

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They just told me that I can buy anything online and have the option of paying through small installments deducted from my check. I think I’m ruined lol

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My babies are growing fast and they look healthy.
I’ll be topping then by the end of next week or so.

congrats on the job at HD brother! I don’t think I could work there either. I can gear the boss now. Ugh Bob listen you’re gonna have to work 60 hours a week for the next 3 months to pay for all the stuff you bought… hahahahaha There’s a True value in my town that every time I’m in there I think wow what a great place to work!


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A quick update after a photoshoot with my models.

I have been kind of bending them because I want them to have a strong body (stem)