Flushing my plants Topping

How often should I do It
And when should I low stress my plants and topping


Have a little more to go by the looks if you haven’t yet would start giving her some food


I’m giving her food
What about the topping ?

Would let her grow a couple more nodes what is your inert soil,coco,or peat moss


Coco coir

What is your feed sorry for so many questions and is it photo seed or auto seed thanks

That’s cool bro tank you for your help
I feed them once a day with half of the dose of NPK 8-0-0 they under 120w led light in cycle of 18/6

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And if there’s another platform u can talk it can help out really bad :pray:t6:

Yeah they are in need of other nutrients what is the brand of your feed I’ve been using Jack’s 321 with excellent results

That’s a jack herer autoflower popped out the ground April 10th and I’m in Coco as well and that’s all I’ve been using is the Jack’s 321 if you have any questions feel free to ask away and others will chime in and have some advice for ya as well.


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Now I’m using the A witch improve the grow that I had so far

If my memory is right you should be mixing the part A and the part B together equal amount of each per gal

This fertilizer is only adding Nitrogen. It is incomplete for vegetative growth because it has no Phosphorous or Potassium. Both of these play important roles and should be part of a comprehensive nutrient schedule. Something like a ratio 3-1-1 is often given at this stage. The ratio will change as the plant goes through subsequent phases.
It may be the lighting but the plant looks hungry. Its color is pale. Coco has no inherent nutrients so we must provide everything the plant needs.
Another important part with using coco is pH. Everything going into it needs a pH of 5.8 - 6.0. I target 5.8.
Topping - we need to be able to count leaf sets (nodes) in order to top at the proper time. If a plant is topped to early it can not reach its full potential. If it is topper late, it adds time to the grow. To me, if I am going to error, it is better to error on the later point and not to early.
The cotyledons do not count.
The next set of single leaves also does not count.
We start counting at the first set of “real” leaves. These are multi lobed - usually three, leaves.
In order to give the plant a strong start let it grow to 6 nodes of real leaves (5 is also very common). Then, either cut above or below the 4th node. If you want a manifold or mainline, cut below the 4th. Otherwise cut above the 4th. I always remove the growth tips from the bottom set of leaves. I usually remove the growth tips from the first set of real leaves too.
It looks like the plant has 3 sets of real leaves and is working on the 4th set. As @Vtbudz recommended, let it grow a couple more nodes before topping.


Your giving it the N but 4getting the P and the K …

Veg plants have a higher demand for (N) and less or a need for (P) and (K).

Flowering stage requires much less N and significant amount of P and K.

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K)



Boron (B)
Copper (Cu)
Iron (Fe)
Maganese (Mn)
Molybdenum (Mo)
Zinc (Zn)


Secondary Macronutrients

Calcium (Ca)
Sulpher (S)
Magnesium (Mg)

Theee End. Ha


@Aviel42 what I would do if I was you make a solution up and make it at half strength to ease her into the nutrients while you have it add the part A then part B then what ever the root stimulator says to do add half that water both A and B then keep it at that for a couple days and of course any other issues arise ask away but she should start to take off once you get her on a good diet lol

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@Aviel42 ,You have made multiple threads asking the same question and you have gotten the same answer on every thread. Your plant is hungry and stunted because of malnutrition. Mix your part ‘a’ with part ‘b’ add the root simulator if you want to use it also then adjust the Ph and water with it. Please do not continue making new threads, pick one and keep posting/replying in that same thread. That makes it easier for us to keep up and easier for you to get information.

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Tank you very much :facepunch:t6: