Fertilizer guidance

Questions from a fellow grower:

I have some difficulties with the amount of fertilizer to use and the nutrients these fertilizers require.

My question is how do you know what type of fertilizer to use in which state (vegging and flowering).

When to fertilize and how often your plants need fertilization.

This is my first time growing and I want to start with my indoor grow op. I have all the components and I am just waiting the arrival of my seeds. I would like to give my plants the best possible care to grow and for that I would need to delve into the knowledge of people that have buds loads of experience :).

I am very confident with the setup I have just need some guidance with the food my plant will need.

So in short my questions are like these:

  1. What nutrients the plant needs.
  2. How strong should the mixture be
  3. How often do I need to give fertilizer, and
  4. How can I tell when the plant is over or under fertilized.
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You came to the right place though your question is a tricky one I suspect will be a fairly hot topic since almost all growers use different fertilizers and have varied opinions on the matter. It really has very much to do with your budget and whether you seek to go organic soil/soiless coco sphagnum or hydro? other factors to consider would be what can be purchased local and on line.
First off if you are new to growing I recommend going with a MJ specific nutrient and feed system this will save you lots of frustration over the long run and is worth every penny. General hydroponics, Fox Farms and Advanced nutrients all make Cannabis specific lines and sell go boxes these include everything to get you started including feeding schedules tailored for your media. You will slowly learn your plants needs and wants n-p-k wise throughout a year or so of growing and as a rule when you want to experiment with new food or always best to do so with a known strain and only one plant as it won’t risk your whole crop.

Here are some simple rules about feeding first your plant has stages in it’s life which can’t be ignored
Seedling is 2-4 weeks from sprouting to fourth node do (not) feed until 4 nodes at the least unless plant is showing absolute signs of deficiencies an early feed can easily stunt or even kill your plant and aside from hydro/coco your plant will find everything it needs in it’s media for this duration.
Veg is entered when the plant has 4-5 true nodes this is when your plant needs it’s first feeding as a rule less is more to start first feed is 1/4,1/3 or 1/2 of recommended on bottles or basically if using go box cutting seedling chart. This will prevent you shocking plant killing roots nutrient burns and all the fun stuff associated with it. Water Water Feed water water feed repeat this will help reduce overfeeding and nutrient/salt build up in your media. With reg/fem seeds you can transplant so if you want monster plants transplant 2-3 times this will keep your plant in containers that dry faster meaning you can water/feed more often since you want your media to mostly dry out between each water and feed as the plant gets larger it will drink the water faster and container size will be bigger but to start it takes 2-3 days in small container between waters if you go larger container small plant could be 4-6 days since the environment is drying more than plant this also leads to salt/nutrient build ups faster ph issues etc.
when reading feed schedule think of it as 1 feed per week on average for soil for first 3 weeks of veg by week 4 your plant will be at or around 2 feeds a week if properly potted at this point make final transplant my plants recover from transplants and show new growth usually within 3 days with only ph’d water. You can keep a plant in veg for as long as you want simply repeat week 4 feeds
Transition: this is for 3 part systems mainly follow week 5 rec don’t change light yet
Flowering: 12/12 use weekly feed routine watch for deficiencies they usually show in first week or so you will have to earn those as you come to them :slight_smile:

most important factors don’t over water and don’t rush let media dry judge by the weight of container dry verse wet feed every second or 3 water

hope some of this ramble helps


Hello, my friends and dear garrigan please guide me.
What is the best NPK fertilizer for the flowering period?
12,36,36 is better or 10,52,10 or something else?